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18th IYK Speaking Contest

★Saturday, February 8th, 2020★

This year marks the 18th, annual IYK Speaking Contest and with last year’s changes to the contest being so successful, we have decided to make further changes this year. We are looking to bring an even more fun atmosphere to the contest this year and to create a more relaxed environment to bring the best English out of the children as possible.

Like last year, the contest will be divided into 3 levels, one for each grade (Junior, Intermediate and Senior), and as always, consist of 2 categories, Speaking and Listening. As the name of the contest suggests, speaking is the main focus, with this years Listening test becoming slightly shorter. The Speaking test will be similar to last year, becoming more lesson / activity based and like last year’s contest, the children DO NOT need to bring any items from home.

There is very little the children can do to prepare, with the questions, topics and challenges involved all being a review for them. However, please find below a list of the topics and targets we have covered over the past 9 months, as well as some example questions they may be likely to receive during this years contest.

We hope this years contest will be rewarding for the children and help to encourage them to continue trying hard to learn and enjoy English everyday, not only during their time with us here at IYK, but also for the rest of their lives.

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