Discovery Time

Exercise & Calming Time

Class Morning Meeting

Class Activity (English Activity)

Class Activity (English Writing)

Class Activity (Phonics)

Class Activity (Craft)

Class Activity (Numbers)

Class Activity (Hiragana)


Afternoon Discovery Time

Goodbye Meeting

Home Time

"Good morning!"

Everyday the children either arrive by school bus, by car or on foot.

"Let's Play together!"

Discovery Time allows the children to play, create and communicate with their friends and teachers.

"Bend your elbows..."

Exercising allows us to get our blood pumping, then Calming Time helps the children to focus for the day's activities.

"May I have a sticker, please?"

We check the date, weather and get our attendance stickers each day.

"What's Wrong?" - "I bumped by knee!"

English Activities allow the children to learn useful phrases and vocabulary and have conversations together with their friends.

"I can write my ABC's!"

Juniors learn to trace there names, Intermediates learn how to write letters correctly and Seniors write short sentences in English.

"Is there a C?"

We play lots of Phonics games, as well as learn about the sounds of letters and how to read in English.

"What shall we make?"

Drawing, painting, cutting, glueing and folding origami are all parts of the fun craft we make at IYK!

"2 + 2 = 4 !"

Number games and number worksheets are completed in Japanese to help children when they get to Elementary School.

"Reading and writing Japanese is fun!"

Hiragana games and worksheets are completed in Japanese to help children when they get to Elementary School.

"It's yummy!"

Eating together with friends makes everything taste super yummy!

"Let's make a house"

Children can enjoy playing together one more time in the afternoons.

"It's Goodbye Meeting Time..."

We review the day's activities, discuss the next day and read a book before it is time to end the day.

"See you tomorrow!"

It's time to ride the bus or get picked up after another fun day at IYK!