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Immersion English

Just like the word “immersion,” which means “Soaking, complete involvement in a given activity,” immersion education teaches an immersive curriculum using English. Each immersion class is led by a native English speaking homeroom teacher and a Japanese homeroom teacher. Immersion classes are very different from English conversation schools. The prime aim of immersion classes is to teach kindergarten based activities in an English environment. Conducting them in English enables children to acquire English expressions needed for natural communication.

生活のすべてを英語で展開するクラスです。外国籍の担任と日本人の担任の二人体制で行い、基本となる指導計画などは、日本人担任が組み立て、外国籍担任がそれをもとに、クラス活動を英語で展開して行きます。Listening, Speakingのみならず、Phonics Timeを通じて、英語のReading, Writingも学年に合わせて取り組んでいます。


Classes 1 , 2 & 3

Junior is the first time for many of the children to be in a full immersion class. Children are gently introduced to an all English environment through English games and activities. The aim is to make children feel comfortable with both hearing and speaking English.
年少組は、ほとんどのお子さま達にとって、「イマージョン」という環境が初めてです。お子さま達は、英語のゲームや活動を通して、少しずつ“All English”の環境慣ていきます。年少イマージョンでは、英語の環境に“慣れる”ことを目標としています。


Classes 4 , 5 & 6

When children enter Intermediate they are confident and comfortable with the immersion environment. From this base the children are taught lots more English and numerous other activities. There is lots of learning and lots of fun. The children really develop here.


Classes 7 , 8 & 9

By Senior the English level is high. Children learn more complex English targets and are able to understand English spoken at a natural pace. Children get a full schedule each day, from art and craft to English and Japanese. Children learn about the world and are prepared for life in elementary school.
年長組では、毎月決められたターゲットのフレーズを学んだり、ネイティブスピーカーの話すスピードでも英語を理解していきます。お子さま達は、All Englishで進められるクラス活動でも何を言っているか理解し、また世界についての興味・関心を広げたり、小学校に向けての態度や習慣なども身に付けていきます。

Phonics Time

An important part of English learning are phonics activities. Here at IYK we pride ourselves on a quality, fun and meaningful phonics program. Starting from basic sounds in junior classes leading to reading and writing in senior classes.


English Conversation Time (E.C.T) is IYK’s way of giving the children the knowledge and confidence to be able to converse with their friends in English without the assistance of teachers. Each month we give the children the vocabulary and lots of opportunity to ask and answer the monthly targets with their friends.


in 2020, we decided to further align ourselves with international education techniques by including S.T.E.A.M. into our already unique English curriculum. We believe it is through S.T.E.A.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Mathematics), that we can help prepare our children for the era of shared living and information that we live in, and further nurture them into becoming true global citizens of tomorrow.