Kids World

Kids World is a day-care service at the kindergarten available after regular kindergarten class hours and during school breaks. Besides free play time, many activities are held for the children. These include: exercising (indoors and outdoor play), quiet activities (play house, crafts, or figure plays), Warabe-uta, and word-number education. During long-term school breaks, there are extra activities outside the kindergarten such as playing with water in the summer and playing in the snow in the winter.



 Available only to the students of International Yamanote Kindergarten.
 Time: From the end of normal class until 18:00.
 (The drop off service leaves the kindergarten at 18:00 daily.)

 Cost: Kids world is a ticket system.

  Kids World fees operate on a time system. Each 30 minutes costs ¥200. The start times of Kids World changes depending on each classes dismissal time. During school vacations, 1 hour costs ¥300.

Time: After kindergarten gets out through 6PM. (Pick up only, no bus service)

Cost: Kids World is a time-based cost system. The rate is 200 yen/ 30 minutes. During school breaks, the cost will be 300 yen/ hour.

*Between November and March there is an additional 'Heating Fee' of ¥100 per day and ¥300 per day during Winter and Spring vacations.

*During school vacations there is no morning bus service, so please bring your children to the kindergarten.

*Saturdays, Sundays, National Holidays, Obon period, New Year period and the Founding day of the kindergarten, there is no Kids World service offered.

*Snack time is offered daily at 3pm. Children leaving before 3pm will not recieve a snack.

*Enquire about our discounted “Free use” ticket for daily use of the Kids World service. (long vacations not included.)




*夏季(7月・8月)は、冷房費、冬季(11月~3月) は、暖房費が加算されます。利用時間に関わらず1日150円、長期休業期間(夏・冬・春休み)は1日300円になります。
*お得な1ヶ月ごとのチケット「Free Pass Ticket」もございます。こちらは、月の回数によって料金が違います。