• 2018.02.28Today’s Class 7

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    Class 7 had a super fun day today! We started off the day with a music lesson with Yasue-sensei, and all the children could concentrate hard on playing the correct notes on the pianos. When we came back to the classroom it was time to put the finishing touches on their original English story books, writing one last part at the end. Then it was time for graduation practice with Class 8 and Class 9. We also played a new English game similar to musical chairs, but the children choose their own words to call out. It was so much fun that they just had to play it again! After a yummy packed lunch we settled down to some English writing, where the focus is squeezing their letters to fit on a line neatly. With time to spare we also did some free writing, where the children write whatever they can see around the room, and loved showing each other what they had written. Before we knew it, it was time for a story and to go home. See you tomorrow!
  • 2018.02.27Today’s Class 6


    今日は年中組最後のSwimming lesson、プールのテストだった6くみさん。「テスト」という言葉に、少し緊張しているお子さまもいましたが、伏し浮き、背浮き、水中ジャンプなどを、一人でできるお子さまは一人で、少しサポートが必要なお子さまは先生と一緒に、頑張りました。水が苦手なお子さまも、今日は3秒、5秒と水に顔をつけたり、潜ったりするなど、一生懸命行う姿が見られ、「次は、年長組!」という気持ちがみんなから感じられましたよ。クラスでは、最近カプラ遊びにはまっており、みんなで迷路や、家など大きな作品をつくって楽しんでいます。今日もそれぞれのグループで作品がうまれ、それがつながり「どんどんつながっていく!」とクラスいっぱいのカプラになって喜んでいた6くみさんでした。
  • 2018.02.26誕生会


    今日は2月生まれのお誕生会でした。そして、全国教育美術展に出展した絵画で、入賞したお子さまの表彰式も行ないました。表彰式では、担当の先生から名前を呼ばれたお子さまが前に出て、一人ひとり賞状を受け取りました。たくさんの拍手をもらい、とても嬉しそうな表情を見せてくれました。お誕生会が始まると、ピアノに合わせて2月生まれのお子さま達が元気に入場。たくさんの友達に、名前と歳を聞かれ、大きな声で答えることができました。Birthday songをうたった後に、一人ひとり友達からプレゼントも受け取りました。その後は、先生からのお話のプレゼントがスタート。「しりとりのだいすきなおうさま」という絵本を教師劇で行ないました。お城に住む王様に、しりとりで料理を出すシェフの大変な一日のお話です。「めだまやき」「きのこ」「ここあ」「あすぱら」と、しりとりで出てくる料理に興味津々のお子さま達。「次は、コーンスープ!」などと、次の料理を予想して元気に答えてくれました。ご家庭でもぜひしりとりで遊んでみて下さいね。2月生まれのお友達、Happy birthday!
  • 2018.02.23防災避難訓練


  • 2018.02.22Junior English Open Class (1, 2, 3)


    Today the Class 1 children had lots of fun helping Peach Boy and defeating the Ogres of Ogre Island. They could use so much English to help Peach Boy’s bird friend find his eggs. The children could say patterns decorated on eggs like, “It’s blue with stripes,” and locations like, “It’s under the table,” and collect the eggs. After that, the children completed a phonics challenge to defeat the Ogres and get Peach Boy’s treasure back. We were so impressed by the children’s energetic participation. They really enjoyed the activities and could speak clearly. They have grown up so much! Thank you to all of the parents and grandparents who came to watch today. Thank you so much for supporting them as they grow and encouraging them. Great job, Class 1!

    Classes 2 and 3 did a fantastic job helping Mr. Cook to make and serve yummy burgers to each other. The children of both classes could use nice, clear and confident voices to ask each other today’s target questions, “Which do you want, hamburger or fish burger?” and to get the toppings they wanted, “Do you want lettuce / cheese / tomato?” Everyone did a great job and had lots of fun showing their parents just how much they have learnt throughout their Junior year. Thank you again to all of the parents that took the time to join us today and show the children their support. Congratulations classes 2 and 3, amazing job!
  • 2018.02.21Intermediate English Open Class (4,5,6)


    Class 4
    Today the Children of Class 4 were very excited to meet Mr.World. However, first they had to complete four of his challenges. The children broke off into pairs and could ask each other questions about what they ate for breakfast. Next the children worked in teams of three to spell different three letter words. The third challenge involved using a big voice answering a question about an item from a country. The final challenge involved telephoning each country and answering a question about each one. The Class 4 children did very well at using a big voice and complete all the challenges. They could meet Mr.World and sing a song with him. Mr.World had presents for all of Class 4. Everyone did such a good job today! I would like to extend my gratitude to all the Class 4 parents who came today and have supported Class 4 throughout the year.
    Classes 5 & 6
    Today classes 5 and 6 had lots of fun using English. They learnt that Harry the hamster was sad and so decided to cheer him up by going on a trip to buy him presents. They used their passport, boarding pass card and a little plane to travel to America, Australia, England, and New Zealand. In each country they could say what they wanted such as ‘I want a cup’. They then traveled back and together gave the presents to Harry after answering two questions: Where did you go? and What did you get? Harry was super happy so we all sang If you’re happy and you know it while clapping, stomping and yelling OK! Everyone in both classes 5 and 6 did an amazing job today.
    A big thank you to all parents or grandparents who attended today as the kids really enjoyed being able to show you what they can do in English.
  • 2018.02.20Senior English Open Class (7,8,9)


    Class 7
    The children in Class 7 had a lot of fun helping the people in Class 7 City get their items back from Mr. Bad Guy. They were able to have conversations about different kinds of jobs and what those people do, asking questions like, “Where does he work?” and “What can he do?” as well as doing a phonics challenge to get all the items back and avoid Mr. Bad Guy. After giving the items back, everyone was happy again! The children were able to display good listening, speaking, reading and writing skills for their parents. We would like to say a big thank you to all of the parents who were able to come today!

    Class 8 & 9
    The children did a fantastic job today helping the sad athletes get the items they need for the PyeongChang Winter Olympics! They could use both target questions and answers with very little help from teachers, “What does he/she need?” and “Where is he/she from?” to get the correct item for each athlete and stick the correct country flag on the helmets, gloves, goggles, skis and skates they needed to get more Olympic gold medals. It was great to see the children speak with confidence in front of their parents and complete the tasks so well. Thank you again to all of the parents for giving their time to come and support their children.

  • 2018.02.19Today’s Class 5


    今日も「おはよう!」と元気に登園してきた5組さん。「今日はプールの日だね!」とSwimming lessonを楽しみにする姿が見られました。レッスンでは、ジャンプで水にもぐったり、ビート板を使った背浮きをしました。今まで水に顔をつけることが怖かったお子さまも、もうすぐ年長になることを伝えると勇気を出してチャレンジすることができ、それを見た周りのみんなも「すごい!」「上手にできるようになったね!」と祝福するなど、みんなで応援し合って意欲的に取り組むことができました。来週はSwimmingのテストだということを知ると「丸何個つくかな?」と今からやる気は十分でしたよ。今日の給食はもうすぐ卒園する7組さんのリクエストに応えて調理員さん達がつくってくれた「リクエスト給食」。5組のお子さま達が大好きなABCスープやチキンナゲットもメニューにあり、「おいしい!」と、おかわりがあっという間になくなってしまうほど大人気でしたよ。明日もみんなで元気に遊びましょうね!
  • 2018.02.16Today’s Class 4


    Today was a lot of fun in Class 4. We started the day with some Japanese dance time as well as English conversation time. The children are getting a lot better at speaking to each other in big voices. After that the Vegetable King arrived with a challenge for the Intermediate children. The children did well to answer questions about winter around the world. This week we have been learning about Mexico and a guest from Mexico came to Class 4 today. His name is Hose and he taught Class 4 about games in Mexico. Lunch time was followed by the continuation of the Hinamatsuri Craft and the children enjoyed a very productive day in Class 4.
  • 2018.02.15Today’s Class3


    今日の3組はSwimming Leesonの日でした!以前までは少し怖いと思っていた“かえるジャンプ”などのジャンプや潜ることも、少しずつ慣れ、顔にかかっても楽しそうに過ごす子、勇気を振り絞って一歩を踏み出す子など、それぞれのお子さま達なりに頑張って取り組んでいます。最近のLessonでは“背浮き”にも挑戦していますよ!たくさん体を動かした後はLUNCH。そしてその後はお子さま達のリクエストでテントを立てて遊ぶことに。ヒーローになりきって遊ぶお子さまもいたので、「今日は秘密の基地にする?」と教師が提案すると、「いいね~!」とノリノリのお子さま達でした。帰る準備をする前には、みんなが大好きな“かずのゲーム”と“なべなべそこぬけ”や“からすかずのこ”のわらべうたをして帰りました。明日は、Capten planetが“体がぽかぽか温まる食べ物”の材料を届けてくれる日!みんなでCookingを楽しみますよ。おわんとおにぎりを忘れずに元気に登園してくださいね!
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