International Cultural Exchange Club for Parents


Taking advantage of IYK’ s diverse staff, cultural exchange lessons are offered to broaden parent’s horizons. Join one of the IYK teachers and enjoy games, craft and learn natural English words and phrases to help you use with your children. We meet at either the Nishi-ku city office public centre, in parks or the zoo, for an hour of fun and learning.

お母さま、お父さま向けの国際文化交流会です。English teacherとご父母さまの交流を深める場、国際文化交流会(ICEC)は、年3回を予定しております。English teacherと一緒に公園散策をしたり、お話をするなど、ゆっくり楽しく英語で交流を楽しめる場になっております。
icecCraft Activity:
Making Christmas cards