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Special Saturdays


Five times in this year, we have set aside “Special Saturdays”, a day where the children can take a bus ride to activities outside IYK, play all in English with the English teachers for a day, or even spend some fun time with their fathers and others! It is all about providing an experience that can’t be had in everyday kindergarten life. They also get a chance to form groups of mixed ages and have fun with younger and older friends, too!

年に5回、土曜日に行われる「Special Saturday」は、バスに乗って園外へ出かけたり、English teachersとAll English で遊んだり、お父さまと触れ合うなど、通常の教育活動では体験できないようなイベントを企画しています。またその中で、異年齢のかかわりができるよう、縦割りの少人数グループをつくり活動を楽しみます。