At International Yamanote Kindergarten we do our best to put your worries at ease. Not only do we have a preschool program called “Play School”, but we also offer after-school care for your child with our “Kids World” program. We are here to assist you in raising your precious children.


Rabbit Class ラビットクラス

This is a program offering various experiences including music, English, crafts, and more. With lessons 3 times a week, our youngest learners get to experience a variety of activities that will help them build their curiosity and intelligence as well as their bodies. We provide a range of activities and lessons that include English, music, swimming, as well as art activities using crayons as well as paints.
In the first term, mothers join their child in class so they can see and understand everything about our classes. From the second term the children will eat school lunches and packed lunches. They will also interact with other students at the kindergarten and participate in events.

音楽、英語、製作様々な経験ができるプログラムです。週3回の活動で すが、知的探索活動が活発になる時期、English、Music、 Swimmingと様々なレッスンを体験するほか、体を使っ た運動、クレヨンや絵の具を使った造形活動なども体験します。 一学期はお母さまと一緒に活動に参 加し、幼稚園生活を体験します。二学期からは、 給食やお弁当を食べ、在園児と交流したり、幼稚園のイベ ントにも参加していきます。 

Koala Class コアラクラス

This is a program designed to help the children fall in love with English. In this twice-a-week program the children experience life in English with a native English speaker. In doing so, they are able to learn the English language more naturally.
In the first term children join their mothers for English games and craft activities, and become accustomed to the English they will use in kindergarten life. As they learn to make the sounds used in English they become used to kindergarten life. From the second term the children have school lunches and packed lunches. They get to interact with the immersion classes and take part in various events.


Rabbit Class ラビットクラス

~A Standard style class. A Japanese teacher leads this class in Japanese.

(3 teachers including a native English teacher.)

1 year course・・・・・ Limited positions 2018/2019 year
2019 Intake: Children born between April 2nd 2015 and April 1st 2017.

Monday : Rhythm play with a music teacher.
Wednesday : Crafts and Games.
Thursday : Fun English lesson with the English teacher.
(Swimming lessons 4-5 times a year.)

April ~ July 10:30am ~ 12:00pm
(During June and July same days will finish at 1:30 due to activities.)
August ~ March 10:30am ~ 1:30pm

Lunch :
Mondays and Thursdays -> School lunch
Wednesdays -> Packed lunch

Limited Spaces available.

~Japanese teacherが日本語で進めるプレスタンダードクラス~


木曜日・・・English teacherと楽しいEnglish lesson
(Swimming lesson年4~5回)

8月~翌年3月(2学期) AM10:30~PM1:30


Koala Class コアラクラス

Immersion style class, led in English by an overseas teacher.

(3 teachers in the class including an English teacher.)

1 year course・・・・・ Limited positions 2018/2019 year
2019 Intake: Children born between April 2nd 2015 and April 1st 2017.

Tuesday and Friday: English activity
(Swimming lessons 2-3 times a year.)

April~ March AM 10:30~PM1:30
(Until July both days are lunchbox days, From August Tuesdays are school lunch days and Fridays are Lunchbox days.)
During the first term there will phonics and dance activities after lunch that can be attended by parents and children.

Lunch :
Tuesdays -> School lunch
Fridays -> Packed lunch
(Both days are packed lunch until July. From August, Tuesday is school lunch, and Friday is packed lunch.)

Limited Spaces available.

~English teacherが英語で進めるプレイマ―ジョンクラス~


(Swimming lesson年2~3回)

(7月まで両日お弁当 8月~火:給食 金:お弁当)
1学期中のLunchの後、親子でEnglish teachersと


Sign-up Fee: 30,000円
(Students that go on to enter International Yamanote Kindergarten will receive a discount equal to this sum from the sign-up fee.)
入会金 30,000円 (次年度にインターナショナル山の手幼稚園に入園される際は、 入園料から入会金分を差し引かせて頂きます。)

Monthly Fee: 23,000円
(This fee is for all provided lessons in a month, not student attendance.)
月会費 23,000円 (月会費は、その月のプレスクールの回数や出欠に関係なく、 毎月納入していただきます。)

Entrance Ceremony, Excursions, Crops Thanksgiving Day, Sports Festival, Halloween party, School plays, completion ceremony.
開室式、親子遠足、Crops Thanksgiving Day(収穫祭)、Physical Festival(運動会)、Halloween party、
Hyogen Festival(発表会)、修了式

Students who continue with International Yamanote Kindergarten will be given preferential class placement.