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読み聞かせWeek Class 1 & Class 7


Today in Class 1, three mothers came to read picture books to the children. The Class 1 children were so happy to see stories about twin wieners, a cat on a roof, and sea animals. All the books were so nice and entertaining. The mothers who read did such a good job and the Class 1 children used loud voices to say “Thank you, mommies!” at the end. It was a nice way to finish the day and we look forward to the books mothers will bring tomorrow!
In Class 7, all of the children were excited about story time today. All day long, the children were trying to guess what kind of books would be read to them. They also practiced each of the mothers’ last names for saying “Good afternoon” and “Thank you!” Everyone had a great time hearing about a giant sweet potato and a family that turns in to Power Rangers! Class 7 is already getting excited about tomorrow’s books!