• 2024.06.21Today’s Class 9

    Today in class 9 we went to Kitakaze Park! we got playing race, finding bugs and picking flowers. Class 9 found a variety of playing and had fun!
    in class room, we made a Takabata craft! Class 9 were thinking of their wishes and looking forward. We had a fun time experimenting how some things sink or float! Everyone is looking forward to making their own boat next week. Let’s see if our boats floats! Good luck Class 9!

  • 2024.06.20Today’s Junior

    今日のJunior Classは円山動物園に行ってきました。「今日は動物園に行くんでしょ!」と朝から期待しながら登園してきたお子さま達。バスの中でも「ゾウさんいるかな」「キリンさん見たいな」と楽しみに向かいました。動物園に着くと友達と手を繋ぎながら歩き、最初に迎えてくれたのはのはオオワシ!「かっこいいね!おおきいね」と驚いていました。サル山を見ながら集合写真を撮り、ダチョウやキリン、シマウマやライオンを見て、新しくできたオラウータン館にも入りました。ゾウ舎では大きな象の迫力に大喜びで子どものゾウも見ることができました。ゾウ舎を出ようとした時にはゾウが大きな声を出していて「まだ帰ってほしくないのかな?また来るよ!」と手を振りながらゾウ舎を後にし、動物園を満喫したJunior Classでした。
  • 2024.06.19Today’s Class 6

    Today in Class 6, we had a short but busy day! First, the Teacher’s Assistants led the Morning Meeting. Then, we worked very hard to finish drawing animals that we saw at Maruyama Zoo yesterday. It was a lot of fun! After that, we practiced our English Writing. Next, we had Phonics Time, and then the Teacher’s Assistants led the Goodbye Meeting. Since today was Wednesday, we ate our yummy lunchbox lunches with many of our Intermediate and Senior friends. Finally, we had Exercise and Calming Time. We sang the Wednesday Song just before going home. What a busy but fun day!
  • 2024.06.18Today’s Senior

    今日の年長組は、バスに乗り円山動物園へ行ってきました。「Orangatanいるかな!」「久しぶりに動物園に行く!」とワクワクの様子で登園してきたお子さま達。ゲートにいた職員の方に元気よく挨拶をして出発です!フクロウと鷹のコーナーに飾ってある羽を広げた大きさの模型を見つけると「130センチなんて僕より大きい!」「先生と同じくらいかな?」と予想するお子さま達。さすが年長さん、大きさをしっかりとイメージしながら観察する姿が見られましたよ。サルのゾーンへ行くと動物達はご飯の時間で、「野菜しか食べていないからHerbivoreだね!」とEnglish Activityで学んだことを目で見て実感していました。また、アムールトラのところへ行くと、壁に貼ってある絶滅危惧の表を見つけ「アムールトラはEndengerだって!」とEnglish Activityでの活動を思い出す姿が見られましたよ。明日は各クラスで今日見た動物の中から自分で選び、好きな動物の絵を描くので楽しみにしていてくださいね!

  • 2024.06.17Today’s Senior & Intermediate

    今日のSeniorクラスは2回目のPhysical Lessonでした。朝から、「ゆうか先生来る日だよね!」「今日はどんなことするのかな?」と楽しみな様子が見られました。元気よく「よろしくお願いします!」と挨拶をしてからレッスンスタートです!まず、「1・2・3・4・5・6・7・8!」と大きな声でカウントしながらしっかりと柔軟をしました。次にカエルジャンプやウサギジャンプを行い、だんだんと跳び箱に必要な基本の動きが身についてきたお子さま達。「ウサギジャンプは両足をしっかりとくっつける!」と意識するポイントをを言葉にしながら取り組む姿が見られましたよ。その後は、サーキットの鉄棒で前回りと「チョキからせーのグー手パー!」の掛け声に合わせて跳び箱を行いました。跳び箱では自分の順番だけでなく、友達の時にも大きな声で掛け声を何度も繰り返すことで、リズムに合わせて跳ぶことができていました。また、鉄棒では自分の腕の力で体をしっかりと持ち上げ、足を曲げることを意識することで静かに着地ができていました!最後は、体を使ったじゃんけんをしました。活動後も「もっと鉄棒したかった!」「後もう少しで跳び箱跳べそう!」と体育教室の話を何度もしていましたよ。次の体育教室も楽しみですね!

  • 2024.06.14Junior Open Classes

    Class 1 really had fun today! Having class with Mommies and Daddies watching made us a little bit nervous, but we tried hard and did our best! We had a good time singing the ABC song and doing our phonics activity. We were also able to use our big voices and call Alex Alligator in for a fun time. Unfortunately, Eric ate all of the fruit we needed for the Alligator Party, but we went to the fruit shop to get some more. Afterwards, we got to feed all of our alligator friends! They were so happy that they even changed color right before the party! At the party, we got to sing the alligator song and eat lots of yummy fruit. Thank you so very much to all of the parents who came to IYK today to join our English activity. Your support means a lot to us: children, teachers, and staff. With your support, we will keep getting better every day!

    Class 2 had a lot of fun during English Activity today! The kids were a little nervous with having Mommies and Daddies in the room, but they were very happy they came and were so glad to show off for Mommies and Daddies! They played a phonics game after the ABC song, and the children got to go to a fruit shop and pick fruit that they wanted. They took turns feeding the alligators and helped the animals feel happy instead of hungry. We celebrated our successful Alligator Party by singing a song for the alligators. Thank you, parents, for being so supportive and instilling your kids with a love for English! They are so proud and have grown so much!

    Class 3 had so much fun today! We were a little bit nervous about Mommies and Daddies coming to see us, but everyone did a fantastic job singing the ABC song and having fun with Alex Alligator. The children were not shy to use big voices as they went shopping for fruit and reported what they had gotten. It was great to see the big smiles on everyone’s faces when the alligators are the fruit and changed color! Thank you to all of the parents who came to IYK today. Your support means so much. See you later alligator!

  • 2024.06.13Intermediate Open Classes

    Today, we held the Intermediate Open Classes. We were grateful to have so many parents come to support and watch the English Activities.

    Class 4 did a fantastic job showing off their phonics knowledge! They did their best to use the letter sounds to find the food each cute animal likes the most. They did so well! Way to go Class 4 friends!

    Class 5 were very excited and enthusiastic, using big voices to answer the questions and show their parents how much they enjoy speaking English. They tackled the obstacle course with lots of energy and performed the “Do the Monkey” dance very well! Amazing job Class 5 friends!

    Class 6 had fun asking and answering today’s three different questions in English. They also showed the Mommies and Daddies how well they can sit nicely. Everyone was on their best behavior and participated wonderfully!

  • 2024.06.12Today’s Class 5

    Today in Class 5, we went to the park! It was morning time and already super sunny, so we wore our hats and took our water bottles. We got to play on the swings and swing on the monkey bars. We also went down the slide and hung from the iron bars. It was very hot but so much fun! Then, we learned how to write the letters K and L and tried to think of words that started with those letters. We used our fingers to write the letters in the air after watching how to write them on the blackboard. We learned how to do a big K and a little k, then a big L and a little l. Afterwards, we read a story all about catching a dinosaur. It was a fun story all about science, volcanoes, traps and robots. There were lots of new words that we got to learn about! What an exciting day!
  • 2024.06.11Senior Open Classes

    The Senior Open Classes were held today and we welcomed many parents to the school to come and watch each classes English Activity.

    Class 7 did a fantastic job completing the ABC Hero challenge before checking our Endangered Animal friends were all back home and happy in their different countries. Everyone could use fantastic, loud voices and showed lots of confidence in front of so many parents! Excellent job everyone!

    Class 8 did a great job singing the Transport Song and talking about the many ways to go check the Endangered Animals. Everyone did a excellent job and were really excited to show their English in front of their parents! Great job!

    Class 9 took pictures of our endangered animal friends to see if they were happy in their new homes. Yes, they were SO HAPPY! Everyone used their BIG VOICES and had a FUN TIME! Good job friends!

  • 2024.06.10Today’s Class 4

    Today in Class 4, we had a blast playing on the playground with everyone in the nice warm June weather. It was so fun to test our skills and show how strong we are! On our way back from the park, we checked on our green peppers and drew such nice pictures of our growing plants in our Grow Diaries. They are getting so much bigger, and we can’t wait to see when the green peppers will begin to appear. Afterwards we exercised our brains by learning about clocks and how to read the time. We impressed our teachers by being able to show time on the clocks by ourselves. So cool! Class 4 always works so well as a team. Let’s keep enjoying each day together!