• 2023.11.21Hyogen Festival Rehearsal

    今日はHyogen Festival Rehearsalの二日目でした。二日目は、Class 1とClass 6とClass 7のお子さまがMusicとEnglish Playの発表を行いました。最初の発表はClass 1がタンバリンを使って”Chitty Chitty bang bang”の演奏をしました。初めてのステージで緊張しているお子さまもいましたが、全員でタイミングを合わせてタンバリンを叩いたり、途中でポーズをするなどとてもかわいらしい演奏を見せてくれました。Class 6が披露したEnglish Playは”Peach boy”でした。かっこいい桃太郎や鬼、かわいらしい犬、サル、キジ、おばあさんになりきってとても楽しそうに演じていました。発表を見ていたお子さまも鬼と桃太郎が戦う場面では「桃太郎頑張れ!」と思わず声が出てしまうほど、緊迫したシーンを上手に演じていました。Class 7は”Rapunzel”を披露してくれました。年長さんになって去年よりもセリフや動きが多くなり難しくなりましたが、一人ひとりが大きな声でセリフを言ったり、息の合ったダンスや歌がとても素敵でした。お客さんになって見ていたお子さまも「どのEnglish Playもおもしろかったね」「年長さんみたいに大きな声で言ってみる!」と更に本番への気持ちが高まりました。
  • 2023.11.20Hyogen Festival Rehearsal

     今日はHyogen FestivalのRehearsal初日で、Class 3・Class 4・Class 8のお子さま達がMusicとEnglish playを発表しました。Class 3がEnglish playで披露したのは、“White baby fish”です。とても可愛らしく、魚やカニ、カメ、クラゲなど、海の生き物達を一生懸命演じてくれましたよ。Class 4がEnglish playで披露したのは、“The Musicians of Bremen”です。ロバや犬、ねこ、にわとり、どろぼうになりきって、大きな声で台詞を言ったり、楽しそうにキャラクターソングを歌って踊っていた姿がとても立派でしたよ。Class 8がMusicで披露したのは、メロディオンの“ちょうちょ”です。1番はベースの部分を担当するグループ、2番は主音を担当するグループ、3番は2つのグループが一緒に演奏しました。全員で演奏する部分は音色が重なって、特に綺麗な音色となっていました。お客さんになってRehearsalを見ていたお子さま達は、「みんなすごく上手だった!」「私たちも演奏してみたい気持ちになった!」など、Hyogen Festivalの本番に更に期待を膨らませたようでした。

  • 2023.11.17Today’s Class 2

    Class 2 friends had lots of fun today. After arriving and hanging up their jackets, the children had Discovery Time with Class 1 and Class 3. When we went back to our classroom, the Teacher’s Assistants did a great job of leading the Morning Meeting and handing out stickers. Next it was time for some Hyogen Festival practice. Today, everyone tried on their costumes and hats! Class 2 friends are so cute! We went downstairs to the stage and practiced our English play, ‘The Boy Who Cried Wolf’ as well as our tambourine performance. After heading back to Class 2, we played Duck Duck Goose and had lots of fun. Soon it was time for yummy packed lunch, then story time and finally Goodbye Meeting time. What a great end to a great week. See you on Monday!
  • 2023.11.16Today’s Elephant Class

    Today Elephant Class had super fun physical activities. The children could all exercise to the song “Let’s Get Fit” and then we got out the big jump rope. We pretended the jump rope was like a spiderweb so everyone ducked under it. Then we pretended it was a snake so they jumped over it. Everyone laughed and had fun. Each child could say “I’m here” when it was his or her turn too. Well done, Elephant Class friends. See you on Monday!
  • 2023.11.15Today’s Bear Class

    Today in Bear Class the parents and children helping Old McDonald and his farm. The children enjoyed playing “peek-a-boo” with the animals and putting them back in the farm. We saw lots of happy friends pretending to be cows, ducks, and chickens. Next week we can help sort the animals and give them food. See you then and have a great week. We hope everyone stays healthy!
  • 2023.11.14Today’s Class 8

    Today in Class 8 we had so much fun preparing for our Hyogen Festival. We first practiced our songs dance moves! Everyone is working very hard to remember what to do, how to dance and sing at the same time. Then, we did English writing. Today we wrote the phrase “What will you do your best at?” For the Festival. Everyone thought very hard what to answer and we all wrote very carefully, using the correct spacing between each words. It was a little difficult but we all did our best! Then it was time to practice our Hyogen Festival play. We first practiced in the classroom and then we could finally go on the stage to do all our scenes. Everyone is getting better and better and we are very excited to present our play during the Hyogen Festival. It is coming so soon! Everyone worked so hard today and did so well. Great job Class 8!

  • 2023.11.13Today’s Class 9

    今日も元気に登園し、Hyogen Festivalに向けての取り組みに意欲的に参加していたClass 9。少しずつ自分のセリフを覚え、自信をもって言うことができるようになってきました。今日の練習では、演技をしている時の表情を考えながら行いました。悪役の演技がとっても上手になってきたUrsulaとFlotsam・Jetsam、指先まで意識しながら可憐なダンスを表現していたAriel、怒りを表す表情をよく考えながら取り組んでいたTriton、Under the seaのダンスを思い切り楽しんでいたSebasutian、勇敢な王子の歩き方などを意識しながらステージに立っていたEricなど、それぞれのキャラクターが役になりきることで、English Playがさらに楽しくなってきましたね!ステージの練習を見にきた年中組の友達からは「かっこいいね!」「楽しいね!」と、Class 9のステージを褒める声も聞こえてきて、お客さんに発表することへの期待がどんどん高まっている様子でした。クラスでは、お家の人をHyogen Festivalに招待するための招待状をつくりました。「頑張るから、見にきてね!」「みんなで頑張るよ!」などと、メッセージを考え「これ渡したらママ喜ぶかな?」などと、笑顔を見せていましたよ!明日もステージに行って、本番に向けてのレベルアップチャレンジをしましょうね!
  • 2023.11.10Today’s Elephant Class

    Today Elephant Class had a super fun music activity. After we had play time with giant building blocks, the children got to play bells and sing and dance to songs they enjoy like “Under the Sea”. Everyone could swing their streamers to the music. It was great to see so many happy faces in Elephant Class. Have a wonderful weekend and see you all next Tuesday!
  • 2023.11.09Today’s Class 7

    Today in Class 7 we had a fantastic day preparing for our Hyogen Festival! After our Morning Meeting we had Hiragana Time and Story Time, where the children worked together to put different sequences in order as well as ordering the story ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ together. We then practiced all 5 scenes of our Hyogen Festival performance for the first time on stage! After eating our yummy World Lunch we had time to practice the tone chimes before finishing an amazing day in Class 7. Everyone worked SO hard and tried SO well today! Great job Class 7 friends!
  • 2023.11.08Today’s Class 6

    It was a great day for Class 6. The day began with writing numbers on our Number Print worksheets. We tried our best to write all the numbers up to 40! We worked up an appetite, so afterward we ate our packed lunches. We like packed lunches because our parents make such nice food for us! We enjoy singing the lunchtime song and asking our teacher assistants if we can all have lunch. Once lunch was over, we were able to practice several scenes and dances for the Class 6 play. Kids in Class 6 attempted to use a big voice while speaking their lines and tried to dance their best for the character dances. We each have our own character role, but sometimes it is fun learning and trying to sing and dance to the other character songs too! Thank you for working hard today everyone! See you tomorrow Class 6!