• 2023.04.27Today’s Class 1

    Today in Class 1 we had even more fun! We started the day off by playing with our Class 2 and Class 3 friends, did an exercise to boost our energy and then were able to match the lowercase A’s and B’s with their friends in the hoola hoops during Phonics Time. We had a Morning Meeting where everyone got two stickers! Then we stretched out and rolled around and around on big mats during Physical Time! After that we made delicious rice balls and strawberries in our line work books by drawing many tiny dots! We ate yummy spaghetti and meat sauce for lunch before reading a book about a bunny who painted stripes, dots and zig zags on white eggs! Before long it was time to say bye-bye to our kindergarten friends and go home! Let’s play together again tomorrow!
  • 2023.04.26Today’s Class 2

    Class 2 had lots of fun today. When everyone started arriving, we had Discovery Time with Class 1 and Class 3. We are very happy to see many of the children playing nicely together. After doing our exercise, we could sing and dance to the ‘Wednesday Song.’ Once Class 2 went back to our classroom, we had our Morning Meeting. Everyone could say, “It’s rainy!” when we asked about the weather. After getting stickers for our stickerbooks, we had some fun doing Phonics Time. Friends could match words to their starting letters. Today we also had Physical Time, where everyone could climb up the step and jump off onto the mat. We then practiced jumping with two feet together. There was lots of fun and cheering each other on! Before we knew it, it was time to get ready to go home. See you tomorrow! Thank you for a great day!
  • 2023.04.25April Birthday Party

    We had the very first birthday party of the year today! There were nine birthday friends in all, and everyone did a fantastic job saying their name and age. All of the IYK friends also sang the “Happy Birthday” to the birthday friends enthusiastically! The birthday friends also received a present from a friend in their class. Several of the birthday friends were really happy to see their mommies and daddies watching the Birthday Party too! Today’s birthday play was done by the English teachers. The title was, “The Ugly Duckling.” In the play, Ugly Duckling was sad because he had no friends to play with until Chicken and Cat became his friends. In the end, Ugly Duckling learned to fly and joined the other ducklings, Chicken and Cat, who were going to a birthday party. Then, everyone discovered that they were at the IYK Birthday Party! Everyone wished the IYK friends a Happy Birthday!
  • 2023.04.24Today’s Class 9

    今日のClass 9は、Music Lessonと、絵の具遊びをしました。年長組になって2回目のレッスンに参加したお子さま達は、”たんぽぽ団”の歌を元気いっぱい歌ったり、ピアノの教本を見ながら”ロンドン橋”の曲をピアノで弾いたりと、年中組の時よりもレベルアップしたレッスンを楽しんでいました。最後のページまで終わって、講師の安江先生からStickerを貼ってもらったピアノの教本をお部屋に持って帰ってくると「全部上手に弾けるようになったんだよ!」と嬉しそうに見せてくれたお子さま達です。レッスンが終わった後は、みんなが大好きな絵の具遊び。年長組になってゲットした12色入りの絵の具を使うことをいつも楽しみにしているClass 9は、「絵の具を開けたら留めるゴムは腕につけてなくさないようにするんだよね!」「筆を洗ってから次の色を塗るんだよね!」と、約束事も完璧。3、4色の絵の具を使って、綺麗にシャボン玉を塗ることができ、「絵の具って楽しいな!」と大満足の様子でした。活動の後は、ランチタイム。今日は”Wprld lunch”でタイの料理を食べました。Class 9ではガパオライスが大人気で、たくさんおかわりをしてモリモリ食べていたお子さま達でした。明日はBirthday partyです!元気に幼稚園に来て下さいね!
  • 2023.04.21Today’s Class 8

    Class 8 was so much fun today. We had our first swimming lesson of the year and we were all very excited to go to the pool. We could practice bouncing in the water, floating on our backs and also putting our head underwater. Everyone did super well. After eating our super yummy packed lunch boxes for lunch, we enjoyed listening to an English story during Story Time. The book was interesting and funny. After that, we finished our origami and coloring craft. We made a beautiful tulip and a super colorful picture. We can’t wait for next week. See you on Monday!

  • 2023.04.20Class 7 today

    Class 7 had a busy but super fun day today! We had our 3rd English Activity of the month, learning about endangered animals. The children used the tablets in pairs to move the animals into the correct habitats that they live in. We then learnt about the different rankings of endangered animals and discussed how we could help save them. We then had our first origami lesson of the year and the children did a fantastic job folding, gluing and then after lunch, drawing on their papers. Well done everyone and we look forward to our first swimming lesson as Seniors tomorrow!
  • 2023.04.19Today’s Class 6

    Today was so busy in class 6! We practiced tying a bow and then we sang the color song. We started to learn the Hot Cross Buns song too. After the songs, we talked about how we feel during English Conversation Time. Today Class 6 friends asked and answered the questions very fast! Masami-Sensei surprised us with a class Birthday Present activity and we learned about the Birthday Board. In Junior classes we used coupy pens, but in intermediate, We decorated the happy birthday candies with markers. Class 6 was so good at using and putting away the markers. Our candies looked so cute and cool! Later we reviewed 50 Hiragana. Class 6 could identify the Hiragana very quickly and correctly. We reviewed the English letters C and D together with loud voices. Finally it was time for lunch, so we took out our lunch mats and started eating. This week we are trying to finish our food so we can play with many friends during Discovery Time. Today was a half day, so we finished the day with the afternoon exercise and had calming time. Before we knew it, it was time to go home. That’s all for today. See you tomorrow!

  • 2023.04.18Elephant Class Opening Ceremony

    The Elephant Class children had their Opening Ceremony today and it was so much fun. The children enjoyed play time together and we had our first Morning Meeting. We introduced the “Hello Song” and “Goodbye Song” and it was nice to see many children dance along. Everyone got to hit the “I’m here” tambourine and it we saw lots of smiles as well. We are looking forward to the new school year. Let’s enjoy an English Activity next time. Well done everyone and we will see you on Friday!
  • 2023.04.17Elephant Class Opening Ceremony

    Elephant Class had our Opening Ceremony today. We were so happy to meet all our new friends and their parents. It was great to see so many smiles and everyone did such a good job today. We could play together, dance, and even hit the “I’m here!” tambourine. Our new friends each got a sticker book too. Next time when they come we’ll give them stickers they can put in it. We look forward to seeing everyone on Thursday. Let’s have fun doing an English Activity. See you then!
  • 2023.04.14Today’s Class 5

    Today was so much fun in Class 5! We had the first English Activity of the year which went really well. All of the children could practice talking about their feelings and how they felt today. As well as practicing their English, they could also have fun learning together and completing the activity as a team. Using the masks was a lot of fun and everyone was laughing, as well as using a big, confident voice in English! After our English Activity, we moved on to practicing numbers with a Number Print activity. Mr. Jeff and Miki-Sensei were very surprised with how talented everyone in Class 5 is with numbers – great job. Finally, we had the first lunchbox day of the year in Class 5, it was very impressive to see the children get ready for lunch by themselves and enjoy eating together. Today was great, let’s have another awesome day on Monday. See you next week!