• 2023.02.16Intermediate English Open Class

    Today was the Final World Ranger Challenge for Class 4. The children have done a great job over the past few weeks learning about different countries and gathering keys. We started the final challenge by singing a song about greetings around the world. This was followed by a review of all the countries we have covered and what things can be found in each country. Class 4 received a final challenge from the world rangers asking the children to get items from the world shop, fly them around the world and put them back in the right countries. It was great to see all the children holding a conversation in English. Class 4 did a great job to get the key by completing the challenge but there was one more key to get through a phonics challenge. Class 4 successfully spelled all the words and got the final key to open the world ranger box. Well done Class 4 and thank you to all the parents who attended today’s open class!

    Today Class 5 completed their final challenge from the World Rangers! Class 5 has done incredibly well this month, learning all about the different foods, animals, clothes and landmarks of several countries from around the world. Having managed to complete the challenges given to them by the World Rangers, they were awarded three keys over the past few weeks. Today, Class 5 managed to complete the final challenge: matching items from around the world, with the silhouette. After this, they were rewarded with another key! However, they still needed one more key in order to open the shiny World Ranger box. Luckily, Class 5 worked together in their teams to complete one more phonics challenge. By spelling the words correctly, they were able to receive the final key. After opening the World Ranger box, everyone was rewarded with a World Ranger medal. Congratulations Class 5 and thank you to all the parents that came today to watch and show their support. Thank you!

    Today was a lot of fun for Class 6! Today was a very special day when Mommies and Daddies could come to watch our lesson, and everyone did a great job. The children have been receiving letters from Mr. Chef and making different foods together, such as pizza and sandwiches. Today they could make hamburgers. In order to get their hamburger tickets, the children did a phonics challenge, then went over to the hamburger shop. Children asked each other, “What do you want?” to get different parts of their hamburgers. Everyone took turns being shop staff and being customers. After enjoying their tasty burgers, Mr. Chef gave everyone special rainbow hamburger stickers for their medals. Finally, Class 6 friends sang, ‘The More We Sing Together’ for their parents. We are very happy that the children had fun using English today. Good job to everyone in Class 6!

  • 2023.02.15Today’s Class 2

    Today was a really fun day for Class 2. In the morning we had Discovery Time when everyone helped to make signs for our shopping activity with Preschool next week. After doing Morning Meeting and sticker book time, we did English writing. Today was the letter “H” and all the children could call out lots of words that begin with “H.” After writing, we got ready for lunch, then went out to Kitakaze Park for outside play. Some friends enjoyed sledding while other had fun making mountains out of snow together. When we got back, lunch was waiting, and we all had our yummy packed lunches. Before we knew it, it was time for the Goodbye Meeting and to say see you to everyone. Have a great day, everyone!
  • 2023.02.14Senior Open English Class

    Class 7 did a fantastic job during today’s English Open Class. First, the children worked together to spell the words ‘florist’, ‘lifeguard’ and ‘builder’. We then did our best to return the missing tools to the correct workplaces. Everyone could use the target language nicely and did a fantastic job. Finally, we used to tablets to present our future dream jobs to our parents. It was a little nerve-racking to stand in front of all the parents are present their ideas, but everyone should be very proud of themselves today. Great job everyone and thank you to the parents for taking the time to come and support your children today.
    Class 8 did such a great job during today’s English Open Class. First, the children reviewed some of the jobs we previously learned and everyone could sing so well the song we practiced. We then did a spelling challenge and the children did a fantastic job working as a team and filling the missing letters for the words ‘florist’, ‘builder’ and ‘lifeguard’. We then returned all the missing items and tools to all the workers and everyone could use the target phrases so well. To conclude, we presented to all the parents our dream job that we would like to do in the future. Everyone did an amazing job using a big voice even if some children were a little nervous to do that in front of the class. Well done Class 8 friends! A big thank you to the parents for taking the time to come to the kindergarten to support the children today.
    Class 9 were brilliant today for their English Open Class! Everyone could remember the previous targets very well when we reviewed the phrases and vocabulary. The children also did an amazing job learning today’s new words and using English to go shopping for items to put in the big Elementary School bag. It was great to see all of the Class 9 friends working together and enjoying English, even being able to speak with lots of confidence in front of all their parents! Great job everyone and thank you to all the Mummies and Daddies that could come and support your children today.
  • 2023.02.13Today’s Class 9

    今日のClass 9は絵本製作・卒園式練習・English Lessonを行いました。オリジナルの物語や、挿絵をどのようにしようかと想像力をたくさん膨らませてつくっている絵本製作は、いよいよ本番用の絵本に絵を描き始める行程に取りかかっています。登場させるキャラクターのイメージがどんどん広がり、色使いを工夫したり、構図をよく考えながら完成に向かっているお子さま達は、「完成が楽しみ!」と意欲な表情を見せていました。English Lessonでは、明日の英語参観日をとても楽しみにしており、見に来てくださる家族の方達にかっこいいレッスンの様子を見せたいと意気込んでいたお子さま達です。卒園式の練習にも、みんなが真剣な表情で参加していてとても素敵でした!明日は楽しみにしている英語参観日があります。元気に幼稚園に来てくださいね!
  • 2023.02.10観劇 劇団風の子

  • 2023.02.09Today’s Class 8

    Today in Class 8, we had a swimming lesson. The children practiced holding their breath underwater for a long time and we had so much fun swimming in the pool. The water was nice and warm today. Then, after today’s yummy World lunch, we worked very hard on our picture book. We needed to write neatly all the words in English. It was a little difficult, but everyone gave their best efforts and all the children are making really great progress. Next is drawing our pictures! Then the children enjoyed playing the card game Karuta. Everyone was super competitive and it was a lot of fun! See you tomorrow!
  • 2023.02.08Today in Class 1

    Today in Class 1 we had a super fun day with an English activity and Snowtopia games in Kitakaze park. During today’s English activity Class 1 friends identified animals from clues and learnt which country they come from. As a result of helping the Animal Ranger they could receive their second sticker for their Animal Ranger cards. After English activity Class 1 put on their snow wear by themselves and we went to Kitakaze park to meet up with the other Junior classes for Snowtopia. For today’s games, first we did a sled relay race where in pairs we pulled a sled around a cone and back. Class 2 were the winners of this game. The second game we played was finding balls in the snow and then putting them into a basket. Class 1 friends were so fast and had lots of fun and were the winners of this game.
  • 2023.02.07Today’s Elephant Class

    Today Elephant Class went to the park and played in the snow! The children had so much fun digging with shovels and sledding down the hill. We saw lots of smiles and took lots of photos too. After play time in the park everyone was hungry and they ate lots of yummy school lunch. Everyone used lots of energy but still had more fun playing after lunch. Great job and see you all on Friday!
  • 2023.02.06Today’s Class 6

     今日のClass 6は、ひなまつりCraftとSwimming lessonを行いました。今朝登園し、幼稚園の1階に飾られたひな人形に気付くと「きれいだね~!」「家にもある!」と嬉しそうに眺め、「金曜日に絵本で見たよね」とおひなさまに興味津々なお子さま達。クラスで行ったひなまつりCraftの1回目では、好きな和柄の折り紙を着物に見立てて折ったり、畳のへりを色の順番を決めてクレヨンで塗ったり、ひし餅をハサミで切ったり、おだいりさまとおひなさまの顔を描いたりと盛りだくさんの内容でも「まだまだできるよ」「楽しい!」と夢中になって取り組んでいましたよ。Swimming lessonでは、カニさんでウォーミングアップを行い、ビート版を使っての「けのび」と「ラッコさん」に挑戦!水が苦手だったお子さまも自信をもって顔がつけられるようになり、自由時間になるとプールに飛び込んだり潜ったりと思い切り楽しむ姿が見られました。給食の時間はわかめご飯のおにぎりCooking!お腹がペコペコだったお子さま達は大きな口でおにぎりを頬張り、「美味しいでーす」と大喜びでした。

  • 2023.02.04English Speaking Contest

     Today was the English Speaking Contest at IYK. We had a great time talking with so many friends in English today. In the morning was the kindergarten level. The children got to go to three different shops and try making many things. In the Cake shop, they decorated cakes. In the Aquarium shop, they put various sea creatures in a tank. And in the Clothes shop, they chose different clothes to talk about. The English teachers asked everyone questions about what they made and there was so much great English spoken today. We were very impressed! There was also a live listening section where children answered questions based on sentences they heard. In the afternoon was the ESC level section. Students brought items from home to talk about, and have conversations with the English teachers. We talked about many things and were blown away with the level of everyone’s speaking abilities. Today’s winners received medals, but everyone did such a fantastic job. Thank you to everyone for coming today, and keep having fun speaking English!