• 2021.02.25Elephant Class Mini Performance


    The Elephant Class children got to show their mommies and daddies their Mini Performance today! Everyone put on the fish hats and shiny bracelets and they looked so cute. Some children were a little shy but they did very well. Dressed as either a green, red, blue, or yellow fish, each child said “I’m here” and swam through the waterfall hula hoop. They sat together in the color teams and then everyone danced. It was so nice to see so much smiling and dancing. We hope all the parents who attended enjoyed the show. Thank you for your support today and throughout the year. The Elephant Class children have grown so much and are almost Juniors. We only have a few lessons left in March but we will be sure to enjoy them and speak lots of English. Great job, fish friends!

  • 2021.02.24Immersion Day & 俳句発表会


    Today, all the immersion classes had a special Immersion Day. We came together to give a presentation to the rest of the children about what we learned in our February English activities. Class 1 had been learning about Chinese New Year, and they showed everyone what you can see duing Chinese New Year. They even showed us a special dragon dance they learned with dragons they made. Class 2’s presentation was about shapes. They learned many different shapes, and had to find the right shapes to finish their pictures. Class 4 showed us how different things are powered. They made helicopters, paper airplanes, and even greenhouses. Class 7 performed the story book “Dinosaur Roar” using dinosaur puppets that they made. They also quizzed everyone on which dinosaurs were carnivores and herbivores. After the presentations were finished, we split up into our special immersion groups to play some English games and eat lunch together. Everyone had a lot of fun mixing classes and getting to play with different friends and teachers. We can’t wait for the next Immersion Day!
    スタンダードクラスでは、俳句発表会を行いました。朝から「今日は俳句を発表する日だね!」と、発表会を楽しみにしていたお子さま達。年中組はあいうえお俳句を、年長組は575の俳句を発表しました!Class 5は、魚がさかさまになっている様子を表現した「さかなが さかさま さしすせそ」というあいうえお俳句を発表してくれましたよ。Class 6は「おでんが おいしい あいうえお」と、アツアツのおでんが美味しそうなイラストと共に発表してくれました。年長組は、春をイメージした俳句を発表しました。小学校への期待や、春という季節の嬉しさなど、気持ちのこもった素敵な俳句に、「わ~!素敵だね!」と大きな拍手が湧きました。年少組と年中組のお子さま達は、進級してそれぞれあいうえお俳句や575の俳句に挑戦することを楽しみにし、年長組のお子さま達は小学校に行っても四季折々の俳句を詠むことに期待をもっていました。これからも、俳句にたくさん触れて楽しみましょうね♪
  • 2021.02.22Today in Class 1


    We had a fun day together in Class 1. In the morning, we exercised with Class 2. After our phonics time and good morning meeting, we played some English games with Class 7 and practiced our English conversation. Then we came back to Class 1 to make a special craft: binoculars! The children enjoyed making them and decorating them with shiny stickers. In March, we will use them for a special shopping day with the preschool class. After that, we practiced our special presentation for Immersion Day. We will show the other immersion classes what we learned about Chinese New Year and perform our dragon dance for them! Afterward, we went outside to play in the park. Most of the snow was gone, but the hill was perfect for sledding. Everyone was able to sled really fast and have a blast. When we came back inside, it was time to get ready for lunch. Everyone said it was really yummy! We are excited to see everyone again on Wednesday and have a great Immersion Day.
  • 2021.02.19Junior English Open Class


    Class 1 has been learning about festivals and events all over the world in February. We did many activities about Chinese New Year and all the intersting things you can see during the Chinese New Year festival. Everyone had a lot of fun learning about it, and we even made our own dragons and learned how to do a dragon dance! Today, we prepared a festival so Class 1 could celebrate together with Mr. Ox. We made a wonderful display, and showed Mr. Ox how to do the dragon dance. Everyone did a wonderful job, and it was so nice for them to show what they had learned.


    Over the last few weeks, Class 2 has been learning about different shapes. We have had lots of fun finding real shapes all over the kindergarten. Recently, the children used shapes to complete different pictures, such as rockets, turtles, flowers, and butterflies. Today, all the shapes that they used for their pictures were mixed up, so we had to ask each other what they need. The children could ask their friends what they needed and help them to get it. Then it was time for Class 2’s picture presentation, where small groups showed their friends what they had made while their friends asked them questions about their pictures and the shapes they used. The children were also able to match upper and lower case letters for the entire alphabet!


    Class 3 loves to role-play different kinds of shops, so over the past few weeks they have been having fun opening various different stores. Lately they have had different challenges from Cooking Cat to help him open his own restaurants. Last week they completed the challenge of making their own Juice Shop and choosing what different fruit and vegetables to put inside their juice. Today they had fun opening a Soup Curry shop and adding many different kinds of food toppings to their Soup Curry. Everyone was able to not only be a customer and customize the soup curry they wanted, but also play the shop keeper and ask the what the customer wanted. All of Class 3 did an amazing job speaking English and completing every challenge!

  • 2021.02.18Intermediate English Open Class


    Today was the Intermediate English Open Class. Over the past month Class 4 has really enjoyed learning about food cycles and had fun getting to know the character called the Carrot Seed Boy. Class4 received three challenges from the Carrot Seed Boy. The first challenge was an English Conversation Time challenge. Everyone did a very good job at going through the obstacle course and could ask each other questions very nicely. The second challenge was from the ABC magicians. It was great to see all the children writing letters of the alphabet so confidently and presenting them to their friends. The final challenge was to feed the friends of the Carrot Seed Boy. The children did a very good job at answering a character quiz, identifying the different food groups and putting the right food in the box. Finally, another one of the Carrot Seed Boys friends Enchou Sensei revealed that he had been watching Class 4 all along and he thinks they are nearly ready to go to Class 7. Well done Class 4 everyone did a great job today.

    Today Class 5 and 6 got a letter from Ms. Winter inviting the children to play some indoor sports–basketball, ice hockey, and dart ball. The children did very well asking what their friends wanted to try and what they needed, then giving each other tickets for the needed items. After everyone had a ticket, the children were excited to come up and try the games together, and they had a lot of fun playing and supporting friends. The children got another letter from Ms. Winter, promising to play again next week, and then the children moved into a phonics activity. Each child got “PR” or “DR” card, which they placed under pictures of words that began with those letters. They then said the letters, sounds, and words out loud in a big voice. All the children did a great job. Class 5 and 6 are just about ready to level up as seniors! Wonderful work, Class 5 and Class 6!

  • 2021.02.17Cooking ~Senior~


  • 2021.02.16Senior English Open Class


    For Class 7’s English Open Class, the children received a visit from Mr. Jobs! He needed the children’s help to get his glasses back, and the children did their best to complete a series of challenges. Telling their friends what they wanted to be in the future, directing each other using a map and taxi and working together in groups to fix Mr. Jobs’ favourite book, ‘Fly Us To The Moon’. The children were able to complete all of the challenges today, and Mr. Jobs was so happy to get his glasses back! Well done, Class 7!

    For Class 8 and 9’s Open English Classes, the children completed 2 quizzes from Mr. Quiz, a shape and sequence quiz, followed by a challenge to direct their friends through mazes to get all of the Elementary School items. After completing the challenges, the children sung the ‘Z, Y, X song’ before doing a great job spelling 3 letter words together in their teams. Everyone showed great enthusiasm and team work, well done Seniors!
  • 2021.02.15年中組体育教室



  • 2021.02.12観劇


  • 2021.02.10Today’s Bear Class


    We had fun in Bear Class today and the children did so well helping our friend, Elephant. Since the children made Valentine’s Day cards last week, Elephant wanted to make one too but his mommy is a big elephant. We helped him make a big card full of big chocolates. Everyone could ask politely, “May I have chocolate, please?” We even had time for phonics and a story book. Great job today everyone in both Bear classes, we had such a wonderful time!