• 2023.10.25Today’s Bear Class

    Today the Bear Class parents and children had a “Halloween Party” and enjoyed a special Halloween-themed English activity. The children and some parents all wore such wonderful costumes. Everyone could help the witch use magic to make a key and open the box of yummy Halloween treats. Great job saying “trick or treat” and dancing like bats, black cats, monsters, and more. Have a Happy Halloween next week and see you soon!
  • 2023.10.24Today’s Class 7

    Today in Class 7 we started by having tone chime practice in our music lesson. Yasue-sensei was full of praise for the children as they tried so hard to perfect their rhythm and timing. We then completed a katakana print, before starting a new craft. We painted paper plates last week and today we cut, drew and decorated the faces and wings to make owls. Next we used wool to thread through the plate to make the body of our owls. It was a little difficult, but everyone did so well weaving their wool in and out of the plates. Great job everyone.
  • 2023.10.23Today’s Senior・年少組園外教育

    今日の年長組は『きのこCooking』を行い、School lunchに入れる舞茸を切る準備をしました。まず最初にきのこの『栄養素』や『種類』について知り、きのこは体にとって沢山の良いことがあることを知りました。きのこについて知った後は、手をしっかりと洗っていよいよCookingです!初めて舞茸を触るお子さまもいたようで、「こんな匂いするんだ!」「なんかふわふわしているね!」と五感を使ってCookingを楽しんでいましたよ。「この大きさならジュニアさんでも食べられるかな」などと、他のクラスの友達が給食を食べていることを考えながら心を込めてきのこを割いていたお子さま達。たくさんの舞茸の準備ができた後には、「Yummy!Yummy!Yummy!」と、ご飯が美味しくなるMagic wordを大きな声で唱え、「これでバッチリ美味しくなったね!」と大満足の様子でした。

  • 2023.10.20Immersion Day 2

    Today was the 2nd Immersion Day of the year and it was so much fun for everyone! We had a super fun shopping event, with the children either going to the 1st or 2nd floor. Everyone took it in turns to be shopkeepers and customers, and did a fantastic job using lots of english to buy the crafts everyone had worked so hard to make this month, “Welcome to the ___ shop, what do you want?” “May I have this one, please”. The Intermediates and Seniors did a great job taking care of their younger, Junior friends, escorting them to the lollipop, watch, bracelet, french fries, juice and microphone shops. We hope everyone had as much fun as the teachers did, and enjoy playing with their presents, wallets and money at home. Tremendous job everyone!
  • 2023.10.19避難訓練~不審者~

     今日は今年度3回目の避難訓練があり、幼稚園に不審者が来た時の避難の仕方を練習しました。不審者が来た時の放送が園内に流れると、すぐにおしゃべりを止め、緊張感をもちながら耳を傾けていました。放送が終わると教師の指示に従い、真剣に非難する姿が見られていました。その間English Teacher達で万が一に備え、さすまたや盾を持って入口に待機し、幼稚園全体を守ってくれていましたよ。避難が終わった後は、「ちょっと怖かった」と感じるお子さまもいましたが、学年ごとに不審者が現れた時の対応や逃げ方を改めて振り返ると、「怖くても、ちゃんと話をよく聞いて避難できるよ!」と自分の身を守る意識が高まっていました。
  • 2023.10.18Today’s Class 2

    Today was lots of fun in Class 2. It was a short day, but we managed to pack lots of fun into it. After arriving, Class 2 friends put on their hats and jackets and headed to Kitakaze Park to play. When we got back, we had Morning Meeting. Today’s Teachers Assistants did a really great job of leading the class and handing out stickers. Next, we made our wallets for Immersion Day, where we will do shopping with the other classes. After decorating them, everyone took turns choosing 6 dollar bills to put in their wallets. After that, it was time to get ready for the Goodbye Meeting. We had book time, then it was time to say goodbye! Thank you for a great day. See you tomorrow, everyone!

  • 2023.10.17Today’s Class 1

    Today in Class 1 we started having fun right away with a swimming lesson! After swimming, we took turns practicing writing our names! Then we helped some animal friends do backflips through the air by drawing curly lines during line work time! Finally, we stamped white bubbles onto the beautiful drawings of sea turtles that we have been working on! Soon enough it was time to read a book together and say “See you!” to our Class 1 friends! Great job today Class 1!
  • 2023.10.16Today’s senior&Intermediate



  • 2023.10.13Today’s senior

    今日は、Group activityの発表会がありました。一輪車、竹馬、縄跳びの中から挑戦したい種目を一つ選んで、5月から取り組んできたGroup activity。練習を重ねるうちに、できなかったことが段々とできるようになり、「もう乗れるようになった!」「上手になったよ!」と自信を持って取り組むようになりました。
    最後に披露したのは一輪車チーム。直線で進んだり、二人で手を繋ぎながら進んだり、ジグザグに進んだりと大技も披露してくれました。「すごくカッコよかった!」「早くGroup activityしたいな!」と年中さんは憧れの眼差しで見てくれましたよ。5月から、何度も挑戦して素敵な発表ができた年長さん。これからも、沢山のことに挑戦し続けましょうね!
  • 2023.10.12Today’s Class 6

    Today was very exciting. We had an English Activity with Brother Skeleton. We learned about different places in the house, we played hide-and-seek to find Brother Skeleton’s family and we earned our second key for our chest! Later we had fun cutting paper, coloring it, and using tape to make our french fry crafts for Immersion Day. We were so hungry when it was time for lunch. Lunch was special today because it was World Lunch Day. We had a World Lunch Quiz and learned that there are eagles in the U.S. We listened to some jazz music from the U.S. and we ate cheeseburgers and potato wedges. It was so yummy. What a great day! See you tomorrow!