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Class 1 and 7 Switch Day


Today was Switch Day for Class 1 and Class 7. I was very happy to be in Class 1 for the day and to do some fun activities and have lunch together. We started by all of the children telling me their names in big voices and then telling me what kind of juice they like. We then we got into groups to make a whole bunch of play orange juice for a shop activity next week. After the children had all made 3 cups each, they met Mr. Ian’s friend Choco-chan, who likes playing hide and seek. Class 1 children could tell me where she was hiding, and help her not be shy by giving her different color candies. After a yummy lunch and a quick play time, we read a fun pop-up book and said good bye. It was great to be in the classroom with Class 1 and we all had a fun day.

Like Class 1, Class 7 was so much fun too! We started by doing a winter-themed origami craft and folded cute snowmen. After that, we played an English game. Together in groups, the children compared two different animals. Each group picked an adjective and we asked which one was “scarier” or “stronger” or “smaller”. I was impressed by how many animals the children knew. Many of them could read the adjective flash cards too. After lunch together, we continued our origami craft by coloring faces on our snowmen and winter scenes around them. I was so pleased how much the senior children could do by themselves. They showed me so much about their classroom and told me so much about themselves. It was a great day in Class 7!