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Senior English Open Class (7,8,9)

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Class 7
Today’s English Open Class was a great day for Class 7. All of the children had a chance to show off all that they have learned to their parents. For phonics, the children identified and spelled some longer words with very similar sounds like ‘pl’ and `pr.` They then did a worksheet where they asked their friends questions about the times they do different activities during the day, and filled in blank clocks with the correct time. When Mr. Ian left to get something, Mr. X froze him with his magic clock and the children had to battle him. By answering and asking questions about their schedules, the children defeated Mr. X and took his magic clock. All the children had a lot of fun and did a fantastic job today. We are so proud of their progress and hard work learning to tell time. Also, a big thank you to all of the parents and family members who came today. Thank you for your continued support!

Class 8 & 9

Both Classes 8 and 9 did a fantastic job during today’s Open English Class. There were a few friends that were a little nervous to speak in front of their mummies and daddies, but everyone tried their best and did a fantastic job using today’s target language and vocabulary with little assistance from Mr. Chris and Mr. Thomas! The children all had lots of fun riding the elevator to the IYK Department store to get presents to take with them to Elementary school. The children could have a short conversation, “What do you need?”, “I need glue, where is it?”, “It’s on the top shelf”, and locate and communicate locations with one another very well. All of the Standard Class Senior children have progressed so much this year and it has been great learning together! Thank you all of the parents for taking the time to come to the kindergarten today and thank you for your continued support over the past 3 / 4 years.