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Intermediate English Open Class (4,5,6)


Class 4
Today was a lot of fun for the children of Class 4. They were invited to Olmec Island to get back the Teacher’s Assistants. It was very pleasing to see all the children writing three letter words while presenting them in teams. After a quick dance the children were magically transported to Olmec Island. At Olmec Island everyone did a good job of getting magic stones to power up their keys and everyone used a big voice to complete the Olmec Island challenge. The children forgave Olmec for doing bad things to Class 4 and allowed him to become a teachers assistant. Once again I would like to extend a warm thank you to all the families that came to watch today. I hope that you are proud of the progress your child has made throughout the year.
Class 5 and 6
Children in Classes 5 and 6 had a great day at IYK today. Both classes received another letter from their friends The 3 Little Pigs and were put to task helping pack warm clothes in bags for their 3 swine friends who had runaway. It was fantastic to see children able to identify items of clothing and the three common patterns- spotted, striped, and checked. After children identified what they needed and packed it into the pigs bags they were pleased to see a photo of the happy pigs dressed in the clothes they had packed. Following their hard work helping the pigs the children enjoyed the ABC Challenge and singing and dancing to Skinamarinky Doo. A warm Thank you to all the families who came to watch today, it was great for you to see your children in action. With only a few weeks left as intermediate students; I feel all your children are ready to take on the challenge of being Senior students at IYK and continuing to build on their English.