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Junior English Open Class (1, 2, 3)


Class 1
Today’s Class 1 English Open Lesson was so fun! The children all did so well and showed how much their English abilities have improved this year. We had fun matching big and small letters during phonics time. Then, the children went to Rainbow Rabbit’s house and helped him catch monsters who stole his colors. The children could say phrases like “It’s under the table,” so well. We sang and danced to two English songs and had such a good time. When the lesson was over, the children got a present from Rainbow Rabbit. They got their own paper rabbits to color. The children do so well and the parents can be proud of their progress. Excellent job, everyone!

Class 2 and 3
The children of Classes 2 and 3 did such a fantastic job today and showed their parents just how much they love speaking in English with one another! They did so well asking each other, “Which do you like?” and answering, “I like stars/circles/triangles/squares/hearts” before putting their shape money into the Magic Machine to change their shape into yummy food! It was great to see the children reacting and speaking with one another in their usual loud, confident voices. Brilliant job everyone and a big thank you to all the parents that came to watch today. Thank you for all of your encouragement and support throughout the children’s first year of English lessons here at IYK.