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Birthday Party&Switch Day~Class 4 Class 7~



Today was switch day for Class 4 and 7. It was a lot of fun to be in Class 7. Today we were able to play a game where ice-cream and zombies were hidden in a house. The children did very well to write the different rooms of a house and try to guess where the ice cream was. This game was followed by lunch and it was pleasing to see all the children asking questions in English and trying to communicate with one another. After the children finished their lunch they did a good job at writing in their diaries about the birthday party. It was nice to see the children’s storybooks and talk about them. It was a great day in Class 7!

I was very happy to be able to spend the day in Class 4. We had lots of fun playing phonics listening games, and the children showed me their writing and listening skills by filling out their own alphabet bingo cards and listening carefully for their letters. Everyone managed to get BINGO very quickly. All of the kids in Class 4 are excited about becoming Seniors, and they all spoke lots of English with me during lunchtime. What a lovely day!