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Switch Day Class 1 and Class 4


Today was the switch day for Class 1 and 4. First we did exercise together and switched over the teachers. In Class 1 we were able to have a lot of fun drawing in the children’s line books. After that the bad snowman came to Class 1. He had taken away some of the letters from the Alphabet board. The children did very well to sneak and get the letters back. They could also talk about what letters they got in English. Lunch followed this and it was very pleasing to see all the children eating nicely. After that we read a story book about some sleepy animals. It was a lot of fun in Class 1 today.
– Mr. Johnny

Class 4 was so much fun today. We were able to do fun activities and reviewed shapes and colors. The children were all able to catch colorful fish of various shapes. They could all say, “I have a red square fish,” for example. After that, the children pretended to swim with their fish to music. A hungry shark came and said if he wanted “blue” or “circle”. The kids had to crouch and protect their fish. We had lots of fun! After that we enjoyed lunch together I read a book. Great job, Class 4 friends!
– Mr. Shay