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Koala Closing Ceremony & ESC Graduation


Today was Koala Classes last day. They had a great time helping Polar Bear make a magic birthday cake for his mom using squares, triangles, and circles. Koala Class has been wonderful this year. They have grown and changed so much. They have made us all smile! Thank you so much for such an exciting class and fantastic year! I know you will do a great job in Junior Classes next year!

Today we said farewell to 3 ESC students that have been studying with us for the past 5 years! They have done such a fantastic job and made such a great commitment to their futures as English speakers. Thank you all so much for your years of hard work and enthusiasm and a big thank you to their parents who have made such a difference to their children’s futures. Congratulations on graduating from ESC, but most of all, congratulations on making such a great start to your futures.