Today’s Class 7

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Today was a super fun day for Class 7! Once everyone had arrived and put their bags away, we headed over to Kitakaze Park for outside play. After playing on the swings, iron bar, seesaws and just running around, we had a relay race with Class 8 and everyone ran so fast to the other end of the park and back to tag their teammates. Back at IYK, we got out the pencils and crayons to make a going away present for one of our friends. Then we all got together with the other Seniors for Nature Discovery to learn how to take care of our potato plants. To get ready for this month’s origami craft, all of the children used sponges and paint to make a really cool color gradation pattern on construction paper that we will use for the backgrounds. Today was a half day, but we squeezed a lot of activities in to it. Have a great day and see you tomorrow!