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December All Immersion Day


Today was All Immersion Day. Classes 1, 4, and 7 spent Discovery Time together, as well as a morning meeting. Then the English Immersion teachers all switched classes and did some cool crafts based on their home countries. It was lots of fun for everyone, and a good chance to learn more about different countries.

Today in Class 7 we made beautiful snowflakes. It is a good craft since it also snows in America. When the children were finished, we decorated the class room. Later, we played “The Farmer in the Dell”. It was lots of fun and we could enjoy lunch and play time too. We are happy the children enjoyed making crafts and speaking lots of English. Everyone did a really good job!

Class 4 had a great time learning about Christmas in America. Everyone could find it on the world map! The children made Christmas cards by writing a message to their families and writing their name. Then they used macaroni to decorate Christmas trees on their cards. This is a popular craft in American kindergartens and all of Class 4 had lots of fun doing it.

Today in Class 1 we had a lot of fun learning about New Zealand culture. First we could see the different animals that live in New Zealand. Next we learned about Kiwis which are birds that cannot fly. However, the children were very happy to learn that they could help the Kiwis to fly. All the children did a good job at making the Kiwis and we had some fun flying time around the room.