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The 16th English Speaking Contest


Today`s Children`s English Speaking Contest was a great success! All of the children did such a fantastic job. There was the `Speaking Test` section, where each child had a short conversation with our Overseas teachers and a `Listening Test` where the children answered questions based on IYK`s original English curriculum. The level of English spoken today was very surprising, with everyone showing so much confidence and enthusiasm. It was fantastic and fun speaking with everyone and having lots of fun communicating in English so naturally with you all. This year`s Elementary Level tests were also very exciting, with many children entering and the conversations being of such a high level that 3~4 minutes ended too quickly! Fantastic job everyone. You should all be very proud of yourselves and we hope this motivates you even more to have fun studying and learning English both here in Kindergarten and ESC lessons, but also at home and for the future. Congratulations everyone.