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Senior English Open Class (7,8,9)


Class 7
The children in Class 7 had a lot of fun helping the people in Class 7 City get their items back from Mr. Bad Guy. They were able to have conversations about different kinds of jobs and what those people do, asking questions like, “Where does he work?” and “What can he do?” as well as doing a phonics challenge to get all the items back and avoid Mr. Bad Guy. After giving the items back, everyone was happy again! The children were able to display good listening, speaking, reading and writing skills for their parents. We would like to say a big thank you to all of the parents who were able to come today!

Class 8 & 9
The children did a fantastic job today helping the sad athletes get the items they need for the PyeongChang Winter Olympics! They could use both target questions and answers with very little help from teachers, “What does he/she need?” and “Where is he/she from?” to get the correct item for each athlete and stick the correct country flag on the helmets, gloves, goggles, skis and skates they needed to get more Olympic gold medals. It was great to see the children speak with confidence in front of their parents and complete the tasks so well. Thank you again to all of the parents for giving their time to come and support their children.