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Intermediate English Open Class (4,5,6)


Class 4
Today the Children of Class 4 were very excited to meet Mr.World. However, first they had to complete four of his challenges. The children broke off into pairs and could ask each other questions about what they ate for breakfast. Next the children worked in teams of three to spell different three letter words. The third challenge involved using a big voice answering a question about an item from a country. The final challenge involved telephoning each country and answering a question about each one. The Class 4 children did very well at using a big voice and complete all the challenges. They could meet Mr.World and sing a song with him. Mr.World had presents for all of Class 4. Everyone did such a good job today! I would like to extend my gratitude to all the Class 4 parents who came today and have supported Class 4 throughout the year.
Classes 5 & 6
Today classes 5 and 6 had lots of fun using English. They learnt that Harry the hamster was sad and so decided to cheer him up by going on a trip to buy him presents. They used their passport, boarding pass card and a little plane to travel to America, Australia, England, and New Zealand. In each country they could say what they wanted such as ‘I want a cup’. They then traveled back and together gave the presents to Harry after answering two questions: Where did you go? and What did you get? Harry was super happy so we all sang If you’re happy and you know it while clapping, stomping and yelling OK! Everyone in both classes 5 and 6 did an amazing job today.
A big thank you to all parents or grandparents who attended today as the kids really enjoyed being able to show you what they can do in English.