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Junior English Open Class (1, 2, 3)


Today the Class 1 children had lots of fun helping Peach Boy and defeating the Ogres of Ogre Island. They could use so much English to help Peach Boy’s bird friend find his eggs. The children could say patterns decorated on eggs like, “It’s blue with stripes,” and locations like, “It’s under the table,” and collect the eggs. After that, the children completed a phonics challenge to defeat the Ogres and get Peach Boy’s treasure back. We were so impressed by the children’s energetic participation. They really enjoyed the activities and could speak clearly. They have grown up so much! Thank you to all of the parents and grandparents who came to watch today. Thank you so much for supporting them as they grow and encouraging them. Great job, Class 1!

Classes 2 and 3 did a fantastic job helping Mr. Cook to make and serve yummy burgers to each other. The children of both classes could use nice, clear and confident voices to ask each other today’s target questions, “Which do you want, hamburger or fish burger?” and to get the toppings they wanted, “Do you want lettuce / cheese / tomato?” Everyone did a great job and had lots of fun showing their parents just how much they have learnt throughout their Junior year. Thank you again to all of the parents that took the time to join us today and show the children their support. Congratulations classes 2 and 3, amazing job!