Today’s Class 7

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Class 7 had a super fun day today! We started off the day with a music lesson with Yasue-sensei, and all the children could concentrate hard on playing the correct notes on the pianos. When we came back to the classroom it was time to put the finishing touches on their original English story books, writing one last part at the end. Then it was time for graduation practice with Class 8 and Class 9. We also played a new English game similar to musical chairs, but the children choose their own words to call out. It was so much fun that they just had to play it again! After a yummy packed lunch we settled down to some English writing, where the focus is squeezing their letters to fit on a line neatly. With time to spare we also did some free writing, where the children write whatever they can see around the room, and loved showing each other what they had written. Before we knew it, it was time for a story and to go home. See you tomorrow!