Today’s Class 1


Today’s Class 1 was so much fun! All of the children arrived in the Class 1 room with happy faces in the morning and they all stayed that way until the end of the day. We had lots of fun playing with puzzles, blocks and toy food in the morning, followed by our first ‘Morning Meeting’, where we sung the ‘Good Morning’ song, checked attendance, the weather and date, before sticking our first stickers in our Sticker Books. We then had a trip to the toilet to search for the animals on the doors and walls as well as learnt how to wait our turn, line up and wash our hands nicely. We had enough time for a short English book about a fish and all his friends before singing the ‘Good Bye’ song and making our way to the gate to go home. Everyone did a fantastic job and had lots of fun on their first day at Kindergarten, as well as using lots of English and listening to my instructions carefully. We cannot wait to see you again tomorrow!