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Today’s Koala Class


Everyone in Koala Class had lots of fun today! Everyone arrived and played together during Discovery Time, then we had a Morning Meeting. Koala Class children are doing so well remembering what to say and do for meetings each day. We had an English activity where the Zoo Keeper came to IYK, but had no animals in his zoo. Along came a boat filled with zebras and hippos, and the children helped put the animals in the zoo or back in the boat. Everyone did a good job answering “Yes, I do” or “No, I don’t” when asked, “Do you like hippos?” When the zoo was filled up we sang and danced together. After packed lunch we pretended to go on a picnic, mimicking various animals along the way and watching out for bears. Finally, all the children practiced doing forward rolls on the mat before singing and dancing to Hot Potato! See you next week!