Today’s Class 1


Today in Class 1 we had lots of fun! We enjoyed play time with Class 2, before having our Morning Meeting. Today was a short day but full of fun activities. We had exercise time, followed by helping Eddie, the Class 1 puppet, to pack his suitcase with warm clothes for his trip to Australia tomorrow. The children could each ask and answer the question, “Which is hotter?” before choosing between which clothes to put in Eddies suitcase, “This one is hotter!” We also learnt about our Evacuation Boxes, by checking what is inside and what to do if we hear the Emergency Alarm before we have our Emergency Drill on Friday. We still had enough time to check on our tomato plants in the IYK garden and give them some water on this hot sunny day, before going to the school gate to see our mummies and go home! Well done everyone and see you all tomorrow for swimming!