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Otaru Aquarium Excersion

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Today was the Otaru Aquarium Excursion! All the children have been looking forward to visiting the aquarium for so long, their enthusiasm was infectious. Everyone wanted to see something. Of course, the sharks were a big hit, with the children pointing and saying “shark!”. The variety of fish and marine animals kept all the children fascinated, their faces glued to the glass of the tanks. It was wonderful weather for and excursion. We all enjoyed having a picnic lunch on the grass under the blue sky. There was even a little time for free play after lunch that we took full advantage of. The biggest attraction of the day was of course the dolphin show. The children were spellbound by the animals as they performed, jumping and spinning and swimming about. One of our students was even chosen to receive a kiss from a walrus! It was a great day for everyone.