All Immersion Day


Today in Class 1 the children could have fun playing with other Immersion children. After we went to our classroom the children enjoyed a Halloween craft. The children made spiders they could wear on their heads. The children did well counting 8 legs and sticking them on. Then, they also put eyes on. When they were finished, the children pretended to be Halloween spiders and crawled around looking for candy and running away from monsters. I am happy the children could have such a nice time.
– Mr. Shay

Today in Class 4 we had a great time playing in English with the other Immersion classes. After Autumn craft time together we learned about world monsters. The children could find out about the Tabniwha a monster from New Zealand. First we could cut out the Taniwha mask and colour it in. Next we could put sticker on the Taniwha mmask to make it super cool. After that we could do a Taniwha dance together. The children of Class 4 could use a lot of English and they were very excited to learn about monsters from around the world. Well done Class 4!
– Mr. Johnny

Today in Class 7 we had a great time making autumn craft with the other Immersion classes in the morning. After exercising together, we had an ‘England quiz’ where the children learnt about popular children’s characters from England, Winnie the Pooh, Paddington Bear, Peppa Pig and Harry Potter. We then made our own Double Decker Buses! The children colored the windows before cutting them out, then glued on the tires, windows and ‘London’ sign. The children did very well following my instructions and did a great job explaining to their friends, “Who is this?”, “This is ___” Well done everyone!
– Mr. Chris