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Special Saturday 3


Today’s Special Saturday was really fun. We had lots of children from every grade and class come to have fun in English. After play time and our morning meeting, a teacher was happy to show everyone the gingerbread cookies he made. But when he opened his cookie jar, all the cookies were gone. Luckily, the “IYK Police” came and together with the children, he helped find the cookies. All the children had fun decorating “police badges” and searching around the kindergarten for many, many gingerbread cookies. Once all the cookies were back, everyone discovered “who took the cookies from the cookie jar”. We were so happy to see the children smiling and speaking lots of English while searching for the cookies. The children really enjoyed pretending to be police officers too. We also enjoyed eating lunch boxes together and having English book time before going home. Thank you to all the friends who came today and thank you to the parents too!