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The 17th English Speaking Contest ~ Elementary Level


The 17th English Speaking Contest ~ Elementary Level, was held this afternoon. There were many changes to this year’s listening and speaking sections. The listen test was split into 3 very challenging sections: Putting the household items in the correct rooms/locations within a house, following directions on a map to get to an unknown destination and identifying shops and their location, as well as a conversation based recorded test. The Lower level speaking test was based on children going to shops to buy different items and explain why they had chosen each item. The Higher level speaking test was very cultural based, with the children asking and answering questions to get missing information as well as explaining in English how to use different Japanese items. We were all VERY impressed by how much and how naturally the children could use English to sustain conversations. Everyone should feel very proud of themselves today and we hope you all continue to enjoy speaking in English long into the future.