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Senior English Open Class


Class 7
Today was the Senior English Open Class for Class 7. The children storybooks had been taken away by Mr. English Stories. He had also set the children several challenges as the books were kept in a safe with a special combination. First, the children completed the song and vocabulary game challenge to gain the first number. They knew a lot of different countries in English and could make a song together. The next challenge was the spelling challenge and it was impressive to see that the children could write so many words and be confident in English. Next was the interview challenge where the children could talk about what they did yesterday to the friends and find different members of Class 7 to interview. And finally there was the story maker challenge where the children put back together different story books about some of the other English teachers at the kindergarten. The children could finally open the safe and all of the storybooks were there along with a letter. The letter revealed that Mr. English Stories was Enchou Sensei and he had been watching the children all along. Once again I would like to extend a warm thank you to all the parents who attended this open class and I hope you could see your child’s growth in English.
Class 8 and 9
Classes 8 and 9 did a great job helping all the athletes to find their sports equipment and get on the right planes to go home. All of the children were able to use big confident voices to ask each other today’s target questions, “What does he / she need?” to find out what sports equipment they need and “Where is he / she from?” to find out what plane they needed to get on. They were also able to correctly identify different sports based on what the athlete was wearing and when to use ‘He’ or ‘She’. Everyone did a wonderful job of showing their parents what they learned this year. Thank you again to all the parents that took the time to join us today and show the children their support. Congratulations to classes 8 and 9 for a super job!