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Junior English Open Class


Today was the English Open Class for Class 1. We all received ‘rocket tickets’ from Eddie-kun the Class 1 puppet yesterday, inviting us to join him in space! We got on the rocket and flew into space, only to learn that there were ‘bad aliens’ in space and that Eddie-kun needed our help! The children did a fantastic job of describing the ‘bad aliens’, if they had spots, stripes or checks and how many horns, eyes and tusks they had before their partners shot the correct alien with water guns! The children’s English abilities have grown so much throughout the past 11 months and it was fantastic to see them use English confidently in front of their parents. Thank you again to all of the mummies and daddies for taking the time to come and watch and support your children today.

Both Class 2 and Class 3 had their English Classes today. A few weeks ago, the Bad Witch came and changed our yummy food into boring shapes. She gave us a challenge to get English Power to turn them back. The Junior classes have worked very hard to learn about shapes and build up their English Power. Today was the last challenge. The children became shopkeepers and customers at the Junior Restaurant, asking their friends, “What do you want?” “I want a triangle!” Everyone used a big voice and got lots of English Power. Then we called the Good Witch, and used the magic word “Abracadabra!” to change the shapes back into yummy foods. We were very impressed with the children’s energy and English use today. Thank you to all of the parents for coming, and we look forward to the children’s progress in English in the future.