As the temperature rises and the snow slowly melts away the happy signs of spring are upon us. It will also be the last month of the Heisei era. Thank you for your continued support throughout the year.

     This year has been the first year since the Kindergarten was established that we were awarded the “Monbukagakusho Prize” and the “National Art Award” and we could see the true genius and natural talent of the children.

     This year will also mark a greater emphasis put on the lowering of Kindergarten Fees, as this is a private establishment the fees will not completely disappear. This initiative will also start in October so more will be known then.

     The greater emphasis put on Kindergarten education is a reaction to globalization, lack of children, an ageing population to make a curriculum which provided necessary mental and physical stimulation and children who are inquisitive and can go onto Elementary school while being curious, self-expressive and capable to maintain the necessary skills to function in society.

     This Kindergarten has a lot of foreign teachers and places great emphasis on English, international understanding, music, art, letters, numbers, exercise and nutritional education to foster children who are curious and can operate in daily life. We hope to continue this next year so the children can flourish.

     Heisei will become a new era and preparations are underway for the Olympic Opening Ceremony and many things will change. However, this Kindergarten will keep it’s Educational foundations while adjusting to the future.

     Finally 58 children will be graduating soon so we wish them all the best.