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 またこれからの時代、何かを知っていたり、できたりすることだけではなく、それらを使って他者と協働しながら最適の解決方法を見いだして実行する力、「見えない学力~非認知的能力」が必要な力と言われています。この力を身に付けるために、幼稚園では、「遊び」の価値をより一層認識し、お子さま達が遊びや生活を豊かに展開させるために、思い切り遊び、そこから、本園の特色である、英語、音楽、絵画、文字・かず、運動、食育の活動へとつなげていきたいと思っております。そのために、週1回、全園児がどのフロア、場所でも遊べる時間「Super Playtime」を設定し、子ども同士がかかわり、自分達で遊びをつくり出して楽しめる時間を設けてまいります。



Spring has arrived signalling the start of a new year. Congratulations to all the children who have entered the Kindergarten and moved up a grade. The children may be nervous but we will endeavour to do our best as a teacher to support them.

Ever since the Kindergarten was established the focus has been on vocabulary education. Humans can express their feelings when they talk.  Using conversation can also deepen understanding. With all the foreign teachers at IYK we hop to improve the children’s English as well as placing emphasis on their Japanese. Vocabulary Education stems from an image which helps children understand foreign languages. Children who cannot speak freely can be supported. We hope to provide activities that can open the window to each child’s heart and help them gain enjoyment from speaking English.

In the modern era it is important for children not only to be able to know and do things but for children to unlock their inner potential through co-operating and dealing with others. This also starts from Discovery Time and it is through Discovery Time that the children can transition into English, Music, Art, Letters, Numbers, Exercise and Nutrition which is the cornerstone of the Kindergarten. In order for this to happen once a week the children will play together as a Kindergarten in a special allotted time.

The Principal of this Kindergarten, Sugawara Kohetsu had a vision when he established this Kindergarten. A Kindergarten should be fun. Children should come cheerfully to Kindergarten play a lot with their friends, grow in body and heart and enjoy Kindergarten.

Let’s have a great year together.