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February Birthday Party


Today was the February Birthday Party. First there were some awards given for children of the Kindergarten who did exceptionally well at art. The Kindergarten itself was also given an award to recognize this achievement. There were a lot of children who have their birthday in February and they could also say their name and how old they were in a big voice. After all of these children got their birthday cards from their friends Mr.Shay and Mr.Dan started to talk about magic. Mr.Shay tried to do a trick for Mr.Dan who wasn’t impressed. However, the Magic King appeared to perform several magic tricks for them and the children. This included tricks such as making a rose appear, making a magic wand longer and making a handkerchief disappear. Everyone was was very impressed and a lot of fun was had. The final trick involved a big explosion and a resounding Happy Birthday! Once again thank you to all the parents who attended the Birthday Party and a big Happy Birthday to all the Birthday Children.
今日は、北海道教育美術展と全国教育美術展という絵画のコンクールで賞をとったお子さまに賞状渡しを行ないました。今日配布したInformationにもお知らせさせていただきましたが、全国教育美術展では、本園が「地区学校賞 教育美術奨励賞」という素晴らしい賞を受賞しました。今回賞をとったことで更に自信がついたお子さま、友達が賞をとったことで刺激を受けたお子さま、園が賞をとったことに喜びを感じたお子さまなど、一人ひとりのお子さまにとって絵を描くことがもっと好きになったり、意欲や興味を増すことができるように、教師一同更にサポートに力を入れてまいります!今回受賞したお子さま達には、保護者の皆さまからも、たくさんのお褒めの言葉を伝えてあげてくださいね。