Today’s Class 7


Today in Class 7 we had a very busy, but very fun day! In the morning we had playtime with Class 8, followed by melodian practice and English writing time. After our Morning Meeting it was time for this month’s origami craft. We reviewed the special English names for different baby animals (duckling, chick, lamb, calf, etc.) before folding our tadpoles. Everyone did a very good job listening carefully to the difficult instructions, before designing and cutting their ponds and colouring their craft after they had eaten their yummy lunch boxes. After everyone had finished drawing, we had the chance to watch the short video we had been filming this week to send to our new friends in England. All of the children were very excited to see themselves on the screen and very excited that their letters and video will be sent to IYK’s new link school in England! We are all looking forward to getting reply letters from our new English school friends! Have a great weekend everyone.