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Class 7’s Open Class


Today was Class 7’s Open Class, with many of the children’s Mummies, Daddies, siblings and Grandparents coming to watch. We held our Morning Meeting first, then checked the letter that ‘i-Spy’ had sent to us. Inside was another phonics puzzle with the children identifying the starting letters of each of the pictures, then solving a puzzle to spell the message, ‘Ocean Day’. Together we learnt that this Saturday will be World Ocean Day and that the oceans are getting more and more polluted, with many sea animals eating and being affected by the rubbish in the sea. We learnt about how people in England recycle their rubbish and how they separate it into different coloured bins and boxes, Paper, Plastic, Cans, Compost and Clothing. The children then split into their teams to separate different rubbish into the correct rubbish boxes. The children did really well and completed their charts very quickly before presenting them to the class, “Books and envelopes go into the paper box”. Great job everyone, it was the first lesson about Ocean Day and speaking in front of many parents is difficult to do, but you all did an excellent job. See you tomorrow!