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Class 1’s Open Class


Today was Class 1’s English Open Class, and we had a fantastic day! Everyone arrived with a big smile to the classroom and we had fun spreading tomato sauce on pizzas for a fun craft. After exercise and calming, we were ready, and everyone’s Moms and Dads came into the classroom. Everyone greeted them with a big “Good morning!” All the children did a great job showing their parents what our mornings are like, singing English and Japanese songs, doing the Morning Meeting, and getting stickers for their stickerbooks. After some fun clapping and stomping phonics, the children noticed the flag on the mail box was up. Inside was a letter from our Australian friends Bruce and Sheila. They needed help to get some animals back to the zoo. They had run all the way to the top of Uluru! All of the children became the Rescue Team and could answer many questions about Australian animals. They went over mountains and under waterfalls to get them back, and everyone did a great job getting the animals back. Bruce and Sheila thanked everyone for their hard work. We would like to say a big thank you to all of the parents who came to IYK today, and thank you to all of the children for doing your best every day!