さて、8月末には、作物の生長を喜び、それをいただくことで自分達も成長していることを実感し、「食べること」に感謝をするCrops Thanksgiving Day、そしてそれが終わると体力づくりの一環として、また規律を守ったり、友達と協力したり、競い合ったりして心も体も成長するPhysical Festivalへの取り組みが始まります。

 Crops Thanksgiving Dayは、5月にIYK ガーデンに植えたトマト、ピーマン、じゃがいもを収穫し、それを使ってcookingでカレーをつくって食べたり、園庭でもちつきをして食べるイベントですが、もともとは、「食べ物への感謝の気持ち」が「命の大切さ」に繋がる、情緒と知性を培う教育の一環として菅原園長先生が始められたものです。

 そして、Physical Festivalは、4月から取り組んできた「並ぶ」「話を聞く」などの集団行動能力、「走る」「ジャンプをする」「音楽に合わせて踊る」などの体育的、音楽的能力など様々なものが組み合わさったものです。そしてそこに「勝敗」があるのでどの学年もその子達なりに、「絶対に勝ちたい」という気持ちをもち、全力で力を出し切ろうとし、練習にも真剣に取り組みます。勝利を目指して一生懸命に頑張り、勝って驕らず、負けて恥じず、お互いの健闘をたたえ合う「ノーサイド」を大切に、Physical Festivalでたくさんのことを学んでほしいと思います。


The children have had a great summer vacation and have come back full of spirit. The children have had a lot of fun talking to each other about their summer vacations saying things like “I went to …… it was fun”, “Ah! I know that place”, Teachers could hear about what the children did because of this.

Please encourage your children to get back into a good kindergarten rhythm.

At the end of August, we had Crops Thanksgiving Day where the children can see the results of their good work with their tomatoes, green peppers and potatoes through harvesting, cooking and finally eating. At the Kindergarten this event is known for the consumption of rice cakes, however it is also known for showing our appreciation to food and life. Humans co-exist with crops and animals to live in harmony so we should be thankful for all life as well as having respect, compassion, wisdom, diligence and justice for everything.

Also during the second term the Physical Festival will take place where the children will take place where the children will put into practice the skills they have learned such as “Lining Up” , “Listening” , “Running” , “Jumping” and  “Dancing to music” which also shows improvement in their musical and physical skills. Furthermore, children become competitive and gain the feeling of wanting to win through trying their best and practicing seriously. We want the children to learn a lot from Physical Festival like trying their best, being humble in victory and gracious in defeat.

The children are all growing day by day, through the power of these events we want them to grow even more. We hope the children can reach their true potential through these events with the support of their parents.