Today’s Class 1


We had a great time in Class 1 today! After cleaning up after Discovery Time everyone noticed that the flag on the mail box was up. There was a letter from our new friends Deep and Riya, inviting us to go to India. The children found India on the big map and decided that we should make a bus to go there. When we got to India there were many sea creatures to learn about, and Class 1 took turns fishing for them and telling the class what they caught. Then it was off to Kitakaze Park for Physical Festival practice. When we got back, Kanako-sensei had a vegetable quiz for all the Junior kids. Today was also World Lunch, so we enjoyed a German menu. Because the children had been practicing their dance so well, they received shiny sticks to help them dance even better. Everyone cheered when they saw them, and were very happy to dance with them! See you tomorrow!