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Today’s Koala Class


Today in Koala Class the children were able to do so much. We started off the day with an English lesson. As the season changes to winter it’s become much colder, so we learned to say “cold” as well it’s opposite, “hot”. The children did excellent understanding the opposites, like they did when we learned about “big” and “small”. After that, the children practiced their Hyogen play and bell performances. The children are just learning their roles but I’m impressed by how quickly they could remember what character they are and what to say. With more practice I’m sure they will be ready for the final performance. This is the first week for preschool children to ride the bus home. Some children leave on early course buses and others on the late course, but they have all adjusted well and make the most out of their time with friends. I look forward to November as the children continue to learn, practice for Hyogen, and get used to riding the bus home.