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December Birthday Party


Today was the December Birthday Party at IYK. All of the December birthday friends said their name and age in a big voice, and were happy to hear their friends singing the birthday song. The Birthday Party was even more special because we had special visitors. First, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, Snowman, and Elf came to say hello to the children. They were so surprised by everyone’s beautiful Christmas trees, which had lots of colourful decorations, including ribbons, holly, and stockings. To help Santa to find IYK, the children brought special shiny starts to put on top of their Christmas trees. Thanks to the shiny stars, Santa found IYK and we sang and danced to ‘Jingle Bells’ together. Santa thanked the children for their delicious cookies, and gave special presents to everyone. All of the children thanked Santa and said “Merry Christmas!” in a big, happy voice.