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Open English Class ~ Intermediate


Class 4

The children were very excited to take on the three challenges of Mrs. Thief and get the Class 4 alphabet treasure back. We warmed up with a quick English finger-play and I spy quiz from the teachers assistants. Next was the first challenge. This was singing an English song. Everyone could sing in a nice and clear voice and the first challenge was completed. The second challenge entailed children putting back three letter word puzzle cards back together and presenting them to the class. Everyone could read their three letter words very well in a big voice. The final challenge was the world quiz challenge. The children had to work in teams to put flag puzzles back together, assemble characters from different countries and identify the correct map. Everyone could do this very well and the children were successful with all of the quizzes. Class 4 could find a key for the magic machine and they were able to get all the treasure back and are well on their way to becoming Class 7! Well done Class 4!

Class 5 and Class 6

For over a week, the children have been looking forward to visiting Queen Grandmother’s Clock and Watch Shop. However, Queen Grandmother was sick today, so the children worked together to open her shop for her! We started out by playing a matching game to make teams of shop helpers and delivery helpers. All the children were able to ask and answer “What do you have?” and “I have a/an [shape]” clearly and loudly. After that, the children used instruction cards from Queen Grandmother to place the clocks and watches they had made onto the shop shelves, asking each other “Where does it go?” and answering “It goes ____” with confidence. Finally, the children helped complete an ABC board by matching phonetic sounds to pictures and placing them on the ABC board. Today, the children did a wonderful job making teams, setting up Queen Grandmother’s shop, and completing the ABC board using phonics! It will be exciting to see them take on new English adventures as seniors! Great job, everyone!