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Open English Class ~ Junior


Class 1
Today was a lot of fun for the children and teachers in Class 1. Our day started early, and Mommies and Daddies were waiting for us to arrive. The children pointed out our mail box, which had a letter from our Brazillian friends, Paolo and Fernanda. They told us that Carnival was today! Some of the English teachers wanted to go to Carnival to dance the Samba, but their dancing clothes were dirty and mixed together in the washing machine. We completed a phonics puzzle to open the washing machine and the children remembered how to dress with a song about getting dressed. Class 1 children could ask each other, “Where does is go?” “It goes on the head!” and tell where to put the clothes. Everyone helped the sad English teachers get their dancing clothes on. Once they got in their airplane, we realized that it needed samba power to fly. We all put on our samba crowns and danced together. After the teachers had flown away, the children then dancd with their Mommies and Daddies as well. The children had a lot of fun getting ready for today, and spoke lots of great English, as well as danced with great energy! Thank you to all of the parents and grandparents who came today!


Class 2 and 3
We had so much fun in Classes 2 and 3! The children really enjoyed speaking English while making snowmen and dancing. They helped Mr. Snowman make snowmen friends! We were very impressed by the children’s speaking to ask one another “How are you?” When it came time to make snowmen, they could all say sizes like “big”, “medium”, and “small” and many children remembered locations such as “on the top”. Every child could speak in front of their classmates and say full sentences like “I have a hat.” We did the “Snowman Dance” and sang the “ABC Song” too! Thank you so much to the parents and family members who came today. We hope you could enjoy seeing your children communicating in English with confidence. The Junior children have made so much progress this year and have so much fun with English. Great job, everyone! See you next week.