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俳句発表会・Immersion Presentation and Switch Day




Today was Switch Day for Class 1 and 4, so the children had a different homeroom teacher for a day, giving them the chance to experience a different way of teaching, talking, and technique from another English teacher. Both classes started with exercise, calming, and Morning Meeting. In Class 1, the children learned about mixing colors and started working on a pinwheel craft. In Class 4, children learned about the Ojibwe people and their dream catchers, and the children then began a craft to make their own dream catchers. A little later, both classes paused their crafts for Immersion Presentations where Class 1 taught Class 4 a new dance, and Class 4 gave Class 1 a flag and character quiz. After that, Class 1 finished up their pinwheels and did some code-breaking to get their colors back from a polar bear, and Class 4 finished up their dream catchers, had a short conversation time about the scary things the dream catchers catch, and hung the dream catchers in the window. Lastly, Class 1 and 4 had lunch together. Both classes were very welcoming to their switch-day teachers, and they did a great job with the crafts and presentations. Thank you Class 1 and Class 4!